10 tips for healthy hair in spring

10 tips for healthy hair in spring

Spring can challenge our hair’s health. Here are ten tips to regain its health and beauty even during this season of change.


The change of season and the consequent increase in temperature can bring various negative consequences to our hair. The hair is more thin and brittle, tending to dehydrate and lose its natural shine. So here are ten tips from our Kmax team of experts on how to have healthy hair in the spring.


1. Beware of seasonal hair loss 


With the advent of spring (and autumn), it is normal to lose more hair than usual. It is a natural phenomenon known as "seasonal effluvium". It is a biological process that we have kept from our mammalian ancestors,who face the moulting of the hair. So, when there is a heavier hair loss during the change of seasons, don't worry too much.

Seasonal hair loss, in fact, tends to resolve itself within a few weeks. However, the right cleanser can make the difference: Kmax Stimulating Shampoo is ideal for reducing hair loss and stimulating hair regrowth at the same time.


2. Is it bad to wash the hair everyday?

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hair care routines is this: "Washing the hair every day can damage it ?". Unlike what we may have heard, the answer is not that trivial. In fact, it depends.



Each of us has different needs and lifestyles: some people work in dusty environments, some others practice extreme sports, some undergo specific trichological therapies, and yet some others simply feel dirty hair after less than 24 hours. The reasons that push people to wash their hair every day are many and, often, it is more beneficial than harmful.

In these cases, what makes the difference is the choice of shampoo. If you need to wash your hair frequently, it is good to opt for a daily cleanser  free of SLS and SLES. Better to choose a shampoo with a neutral PH and, above all, that is suitable for your hair and your needs.

Heavy hair loss? You should opt for a stimulating shampoo.
Thinning hair? You should choose a volumizing shampoo.


3. How to have healthy hair with the right conditioner  

Spring means sudden changes in weather, temperature and humidity. Three factors not known to be allies of hair. The latter, in fact, tend to become drier, brittle and frizzy. For this reason, among the precious tips on how to have healthy hair in spring, there is the use of conditioner.

After washing your hair, it is good practice to apply conditioner. This is because the cleanser is designed to remove excess oily and dirt from the scalp, while the conditioner performs a normalizing and restorative function. The use of conditioners is essential to give softness, hydration and shine to the hair.


An excellent hair product to use in spring (and not only) is Kmax Stimulating Leave-In Conditioner, the leave-in conditioner with a double stimulating and nourishing action. Made up of the best anti-hair loss active ingredients, it is a conditioner recommended to nourish and repair dry hair, especially if you use alcohol-based topical lotions.


4. Hair mask: a good habit 

Another ally to have healthy hair in spring is the hair mask. It is a real must have product to be introduced (and never abandoned) in your hair care routine.



When choosing a hair mask it is important to keep two elements in mind: where you want to act and what type of hair you have. There are, in fact, masks designed to thoroughly cleanse and purify the scalp, more suitable for oily hair. And then, there are masks for dry hair, designed instead to work more on the lengths by providing the correct hydration. A further help can be represented by spray lotions based on copper peptides, such as Kmax Stimulating Hair Follicle Spray, which act on the scalp reducing inflammation and redness to restore the right balance.



5.  Brush, but in the correct way 


One of the most common scenarios in spring is finding yourself after a shower with a brush full of fallen hair. While more hair loss during the change of seasons is normal, it is important to ask yourself if you are using the right brush for your hair type. In general, in fact, with wet hair it is better to prefer the comb, because it better detangles the knots without breaking the hair. Instead, the use of the brush is more suitable for eliminating dandruff residues and massaging the scalp.

If you are not sure which comb or brush is right for you, find out in this other article.


6. How to have healthy hair with perfect drying


Drying is a delicate phase and plays a key role in the health of the hair. In fact, prolonged use of the hairdryer and its excessively high temperature can damage the hair shaft, making it drier and more fragile. This is why spring is the ideal season to start reducing its use and opting for natural drying instead.

Another important precaution is how to use the towel: the hair must be towel-dried and not rubbed, in this way the cuticles will not be damaged.


7. Limited but accurate styling  


As with the hairdryer, to promote hair health in spring, it is recommended to reduce the use of styling tools, such as the straightener and curling iron. This is because, especially after the cold months, the hair could suffer in terms of quality and well-being. However, this doesn't necessarily mean leaving the house with disheveled hair. If you really can't do without the hair straightener, it is recommended to apply a protective oil first. 


8. Let's cut 


Contrary to what one might mistakenly believe, cutting hair doesn’t stimulate their growth. This is because the cut only affects the hair shaft and not the hair bulb. However, cutting your hair regularly allows for a more groomed look. Damaged ends are removed and the entire hair benefits from it in terms of lightness and beauty. 


9. How to have healthy hair with nutrition

Nutrition plays an important role when it comes to hair health and well-being, especially in spring. When hair is weak and brittle, the best way to strengthen it is to start from within, with the right diet.



Each vitamin is essential for the well-being of the hair. For example, vitamin A and vitamin C are known for their antioxidant and blood flow stimulating action, promoting the right nourishment to the scalp. The B vitamins, on the other hand, are essential to improve the structure of the hair and stimulate its proper growth. Their deficiency, in fact, is one of the main causes of hair loss. To find out which are the best vitamins for hair and how to take advantage of all their properties, read this other article.


10. Healthy lifestyle, healthy hair 

A varied diet is the first step to have a healthy lifestyle, but it is not the only one. There are many factors that affect hair health and reducing these vices can only do good to our hair.



For example, smoking can reduce the oxygenation of the hair bulb, thus hindering the normal hair regrowth cycle. An excessive level of stress also causes damage to the hair and increases the likelihood of hair loss , as it increases the production of cortisol. Therefore, the last tip to complete this little guide on how to have healthy and strong hair in spring is to replace vices as much as possible with good habits, such as healthy eating and constant physical activity. It will not only benefit the hair, but our whole body.

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