Color Hair Sprays: The Fastes Solution For Thinning Hair And Grey Hair

Color Hair Sprays: The Fastes Solution For Thinning Hair And Grey Hair

Color hair sprays are hair cosmetic products able to give color, hide thinning hair, and cover hair roots regrowth with a simple gesture .. let's discover them together!


In recent years, hair color sprays have appeared on the market: great allies able to hide visible thin hair by creating the illusion of the presence of hair where they are no longer any, and able to give uniformity of color without the need to go every month to the hairdresser for a proper dye.

Their advantages are many: they are practical and quick solutions to hide white or grey hair in a few seconds and with a simple gesture, they hide an evident hair roots regrowth of a different color, they revive the reflections when the dye begins to lose liveliness, and, even more important,  they perfectly mask a beginning of baldness giving a filling effect to the thinning areas.

They also have the advantage of a very simple application: they are applied at home in front of the mirror and need only some little attention in the application. Once applied on the hair, they can be eliminated by a wash with a simple shampoo.


Color Hair Sprays


These color sprays are available in various colors to adapt to different shades of hair.

Some products offer only a covering effect, while the more professional ones also improve the quality of the hair shaft thanks to active ingredients able to protect and strengthen the hair structure, thus becoming real haircare products.

The choice the market offers is wide: here are our tips to better understand a market that sometimes can be confusing.

In order to choose the color spray that best suits our needs, it is important to consider these parameters:


  1. Natural Pigments vs chemical pigments
  2. Water resistant formulas.
  3. Fast drying formulas.
  4. Long lasting and homogeneous color.
  5. Parabens and chemicals substances.


1 - Natural Pigments vs chemical pigments

The products containing natural pigments are more expensive, those containing chemical colors are cheaper.

When deciding which type of hair color spray is the best for our needs, it is important to differentiate between those created to cover a hair roots regrowth, white hair, and hair thinning, and those made only to revive the reflections and the color of a faded dye.

Why making a difference? Because the hair color sprays made specifically to cover hair thinning and an hair roots regrowth come into direct contact with the scalp, while those made only to revive the color of the lengths should be applied only on the hair shaft itself, a "dead" and not living part of the hair.

This is why it is good to have a look to the ingredients list: if we want to cover an initial baldness and color the hair roots, better choosing a product that contains only natural pigments and not chemicals ones  to avoid any allergy and skin irritation risk.

If we need to use the hair color spray only on the lengths, the scalp (if we apply the product correctly) is not affected, and therefore we can also opt for cheaper products with chemical dyes.

However, keep in mind a very important factor: even if  the desired use is only to revive the color of the lengths, natural pigments will always give better results than chemical colors, and it will be easier to avoid a “mask” effect.


color shades


2 - Water resistant formulas.

Some formulations are water resistant and they are with no doubts the most recommended ones to wear this type of hair make up comfortably even when going to the gym, to a sauna or simply when it rains, without the risk of staining our clothes or having drops of colored sweat sliding on our face while on the treadmill.

Let’s therefore pay attention to this specification. Clearly the water resistant formulas cost slightly more, but the comfort they ensure is priceless.


3 - Fast drying formulas.

The hair color sprays with the most innovative formulas are able to dry in a few minutes, while the most simple ones can take from ten to fifteen minutes to dry completely. During this waiting period it is important not to touch the hair so as not to get the hands dirty and to remove color from the locks, creating unpleasant uncolored points. It goes without saying that the quick-drying formula offer immediate and safe comfort.


4 - Long lasting and homogeneous color.

The formulas of the professional color hair sprays guarantee a strong hold of several days, maintaining the same color quality until the next wash, without the risk of fading or dulling. On the contrary, the most simple formulations offer only a soft hold that after 24 hours can already fade in the color intensity.


Color Hair Spray


5 - Parabens and chemicals substances.

Even if applied only on the lengths, it is important to choose hair color sprays that minimize the presence of chemicals, since over time they can weaken the structure of the hair itself and make it drier. Products that contain natural active ingredients, without aggressive preservatives or other chemicals substances preserve the hydration and the quality of the hair without damaging it.


Now that we have seen which are the most important elements to consider when choosing the hair color spray that best suits our needs, let's find out how to apply them in the best way.

Here are all our tips for the most correct application.


color hair sprays


1- Choose the right color! The advice is to ALWAYS choose the most similar color to our natural one, keeping in mind these tricks: opt for a slightly darker color  if you want to give depth, or a slightly clearer one to bring lightness.


2- Shake the product well before use! These type of formulations need to be mixed because often the pigments remain in the lower part of the bottle. Above all at the first usage it is good to shake the product for at least a minute.


3- The right distance. Always apply the product at a distance of 10/15 cm, spraying it continuously to give uniformity of color and avoid accumulation on single spots.


4- Little is better!

Apply just little product by spraying it in several steps until obtaining the desired tone, this is the best way to obtain a natural and not "heavy" result.


5 - Comb the hair. 

Comb the hair with a brush or a fine-toothed comb over the entire head to spread the color homogeneously, if you brush individual locks insisting more on some and less on others, you will get a shaded effect and color depth.


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Did you know that the stress affects the health and quality of our hair? We will talk about this next week to understand the correlation between stress and hair loss and we will give some tips on how to limit it. See you next week!


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