Hair and humidity: 5 anti-frizz tips

Hair and humidity: 5 anti-frizz tips

The cold season is certainly not the ideal ally for our hair. Rain and moisture are likely to make your hair swollen. Here are five useful tips for an anti-frizz effect and the mistakes to avoid absolutely


Why does your hair get frizzy?

Before talking about some advices against the effect of humidity on our hair, it is essential to understand why hair becomes frizzy and how humidity acts on it. First of all, humidity affects all types of hair: long, short, curly, smooth, colored and not. Specifically, it acts on the cuticle, which is the outermost layer of hair: the more the cuticle is damaged, the greater the ability of moisture to penetrate and to make hair swollen and frizzy. In addition, dryness is the main ally of humidity: poor hydration favors the rise of the cuticles and the increase of frizz. However, there are simple tricks to remove humidity  and dryness from hair. Let’s see how.


1. Clean, but only with the right shampoo




The choice of the most suitable shampoo for your hair is neither obvious nor easy. Each of us has different needs depending on the different hair types. However, there are some necessary features that a shampoo must possess when it comes to hair and humidity.


  • Delicacy: the shampoo must contain valuable surfactants (no SLES, no SLS). The hair is already subjected to aggressive external agents, better if the detergent is gentle.
  • Hydration: the drier the hair is, the more frizzy it becomes remaining  a victim of humidity.
  • Strengthening: the shampoo should not further weaken the hair structure. Thin hair tends to become frizzy more easily.


Kmax recommends…

The shampoo you need is Kmax Volumizing Shampoo. Designed for a gentle cleansing, its composition contains only valuable surfactants: without SLES and without SLS. It has a strong moisturizing and restorative action, becoming the ideal ally in preventing and treating damp hair. In addition, it has a volumizing effect on thinning hair.


2. Hair and moisture: never again without oils and masks




To fight moisture and reduce frizz of the hair, it is a good habit to use oils and masks to moisturize, nourish and strengthen the hair. On the market, the notorious "anti-frizz serums" have long been known. However, they are good for the hair only when they are free of silicones. In fact, silicones protect from moisture but, at the same time, make hair heavier and oily.


Kmax recommends that…

Find the softness your hair needs with apple vinegar. It, in fact, is a powerful hair enhancer: it can help prevent hair loss, increases shine and improves structure. To combat dry, brittle and frizzy hair, combine apple vinegar with essential oils. Add three tablespoons of apple vinegar to half a liter of water and add five drops of rosemary oil: this is your ideal anti-frizz treatment.


3.  The secret is drying




Often, the humidity that characterizes the most gloomy days is not the unique responsible for the frizz effect of the hair. In fact, the secret to an always impeccable hair lies in the right products as much as in the drying technique. Here below, the golden rules for the proper hair drying anti-moisture.


  • Squeeze the hair without rubbing it with the towel: this way, the cuticles will not open and the frizz will be significantly less.
  • Prefer natural drying: reducing the use of the hair dryer helps the hair to stay more hydrated.
  • Keep the right distance when using the hair dryer (at least 20 cm).
  • Make sure you have your hair 100% dry before using any type of straightener.

Kmax recommends that...

Before using any heat source on the hair, apply a thermo-protective serum. By promoting proper protection from excessive heat of hair dryers and plates, the hair will be able to maintain the right level of hydration to avoid becoming dry and puffy once exposed to external humidity.


4. Smog, the invisible enemy

Smog is the enemy of hair, but you can’t see it. In fact, air pollution can damage hair health: polluting particles lay down on the hair, making it more dry and brittle. This, in turn, promotes frizz.

However, what is most affected by the damage of smog is the scalp. In fact, unlike hair, the scalp directly absorbs the particles of pollution, thus favoring irritation, flaking and dandruff.


Kmax recommends that… 

If you have to deal with city pollution on a daily basis, it is preferable to wash your hair more often (with mild detergents) rather than let dirt and smog stay on it. Similarly, it is important to take care of the scalp by restoring its normal balance. Kmax Stimulating Follicle Spray is the ideal lotion to regain an optimal scalp condition and effectively treat flaking and dandruff problems.


5. Damp hair and styling: the happy ending

Despite all the precautions put into practice, there are days when it seems really impossible to defeat the humidity. In these cases, the only remedy is the right hairstyle. The first ally is the hat: from the baseball cap to the beret, from the cloche to panama. Each one with a different style, but all perfect to mask the messy hair typical of some days.

Secondly, you can opt for pulling up your hair: a simple tail or a braid in these occasions can really save the look. And to tame baby hair? You can always resort to hairspray.


Kmax recommends… 
Touch up your hairstyle covering imperfections and any thinning with Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers. Kmax hair fibers are 100% natural and bind electrostatically to the hair, favoring a long-lasting and impeccable look. They are water resistant, and on very rainy days you can always enhance their sealing with Kmax Concealing Fixing Spray.


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