Hair color autumn 2020: 5 ideas to try

Hair color autumn 2020: 5 ideas to try

From the red carpets of the stars to our hairdressers, here are the five hair colors that will mark out this fall/winter 2020. Discover them all and choose how to revolutionize your hair.


What is the most loved autumn 2020 hair color? We will let you choose the winner. In this article, we present the five hair colors that most conquered the team of experts of Kmax Hair Makeup.

And may the best win!


1. Cinderella Blonde: a fabulous color




So called by the hairstylist Luke Hersheson "Cinderella Blond", it is the ideal shade of blond to welcome the arrival of the new season. The fabulous success of the "Cinderella Blond" is to be found in its warm and enveloping tone. In fact, unlike the classic platinum blond, the shade Cinderella Blonde is decidedly more natural and versatile.

Already several stars have ridden the wave of the Blonde Cinderella, but not all have found their final fairy tale. An example? The beloved brunette Emily Ratajkowski was among the first to experience this color, but after a few weeks decided to return to her traditional brown. This shows that even if it is the most popular hair color of this fall/winter 2020, not necessarily it is the right one to make your look stand out.


2. Dark or blond? Mushroom Blonde!




In this fall 2020, the historical diatribes between brunettes and blondes find /have found their respite in a new trendy hair color: the Blonde Mushroom. A nuance of hair color that finds its inspiration from the world of nature and, in particular, the color of mushrooms. Mushroom Blonde is the hair color in perfect harmony with the cold season: a delicate brown enriched with a silver note with a touch of blond. It is said that the right stands in the middle, and this tonality is the full demonstration.

In addition, those who are fascinated by this color but would like a darker tip, can try the equally beloved Mushroom Brown. It is a hair color tending more to beige than blond, but that retains the same particularity of the Mashroom Blonde.


3. Chocolate Almond: the chic of chestnut trees




Fall/winter 2020 is also full of surprises for chestnut lovers and for those who just don’t want to know about the blond shades. The by now classic chocolate color and the chromatic delicacy of almond milk have allowed the birth of a new shade of brown: the Chocolate Almond. The traditional dark brown base is gently illuminated by golden reflections for a natural as well as special effect. Another reason to choose this hair color? It is absolutely easy to maintain and it does not require continuous retouching.


4. Cherry Bombre: the redhead’s revenge




After the 2016 success, the shade that gave a new meaning to red color gets back to make the news. Cherry Bombre is not only a shade of cherry red, but it is a real coloring technique for dark hair.  Working on the natural color tone, which must be dark, it performs a shade similar to the shatush to give the hair a cherry red tone. Its charm is fully perceived for those with long hair, as the bright color of the shades is totally highlighted by the length of the hair. Similarly, the effect is even more intense if the hair is thick and voluminous. And if not, you could match the new hair color with a volumizing shampoo like Kmax Volumizing Shampoo.

Be careful though! Although many consider the Cherry Bombre a real passe-partout for anyone who feels the need to change his look with the arrival of the new season, this is not the case. It is a type of coloring that is best suited to those who have a cold and dark hair base.


5. Face framing: change without overdoing




If you want to enhance your face but changing your hair color is not what you need, the Face Framing is the option for you. This is the latest trend in 2020 hairstyles. The Face Framing, as the name suggests, gives light to the face by framing it. How? Thanks to a real contouring of the hair! Unlike hair balayage, the Face Framing has no color rule. The face is enhanced and framed thanks to frontal hair strands of other colors without any limit. So, you can decide to stay classic by opting for a lighter or darker shade of your natural color. 

Or, you can give space to your creativity and range from lilac to blue, from green to pink. It’s so simple that you can do it yourself with a colored spray like Kmax Concealing Color Spray: in a few seconds you will get the change you need without overdoing.

Try to believe!


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