Hair conditioner: when and why to use it

Hair conditioner: when and why to use it

Nowadays it is one of the most used beauty products. But, what is hair conditioner really good for? When is it best to use it? Why should we include it in our daily routine? Let's find it out together.


An ancient need

The story of the hair conditioner is closely related to another story, that of the shampoo. The latter, in fact, as we know it today, was born only at the beginning of the twentieth century. In the past, hair was washed with soap. But the presence of magnesium and calcium ions in the water made the hair dull and difficult to comb. Thus, to restore its softness and shin, vinegar or lemon juice were used after washing: acetic acid and citric acid are, in fact, capable of dissolving the bivalent soaps, thus making the hair shiny and easily again to comb

Shampoo VS hair conditioner 

Ths once it was a matter of soap and lemon juice, today we use shampoo and conditioner: different ingredients, same function. At a cosmetic level, the shampoo is characterized by an anionic base, while the conditioner is cationic. By producing negative charges, the anionic surfactants of the shampoo are able to remove dirt, which instead has a positive charge. Likewise, hair conditioner also holds a positive charge.



Therefore, shampoo and conditioner have two opposite functions: the first cleanses the scalp by removing sebum excess and dirt; the hair conditioner, on the other hand, has a normalizing and restorative function.

The case of 2 in 1 shampoos

Although we have just seen how shampoo and hair conditioner are products at the antipodes, the so-called "2 in 1 shampoos" are often found on the market. That said, it is normal to ask yourself the following question:

"Can a 2-in-1 shampoo contain both the cleansing properties of the shampoo and the normalizing action of the conditioner in a single product?"

Although typical components of the conditioner (such as protein hydrolysates or polycationic substances) can be added to the shampoo formulation, the doses of these ingredients are present in limited quantities. Therefore, a 2 in 1 shampoo can hardly perform two functions designed for two distinct products at the same time.


The good reasons to use hair conditioner

Thanks to the presence of cationic surfactants, the hair conditioner is the ideal product to regain softness after cleansing the scalp and the length ends. However, this is not the only reason why hair conditioner should never be missing in both male and female beauty routines



The conditioner is able to give greater detangling to the hair. By reducing the presence of knots, it becomes easier to comb or brush your hair avoiding any breakage. In this delicate phase, the choice of comb or brush and the respective material is also crucial. The wooden comb, in general, is the best solution in case of wet straight hair. Totally different, however, is the approach with curly hair: it is advisable to comb them before washing, as when wet they are more fragile and prone to break.



Another good reason not to do without hair conditioner anymore? The shine! In addition to softness, the conditioners are able to give the hair also a brighter and healthier appearance. This is because they deeply nourish the hair making it thicker and more resistant. Softness and brightness are always synonymous of healthy hair. However, it should be noted that a lot depends on the hair conditioner's quality and the active ingredients used in its composition. Selecting quality hair products is the first step to fully enjoy the softening and restoring properties. 


Hair conditioners for specific needs

In general, therefore, a hair conditioner gives softness, detangling and shine to the hair. However, there are some conditions that require more than this. For example, seasonal changes, a particularly stressful period or any food deficiency can put a strain on the hair, often causing a more conspicuous hair loss. In these cases, what is needed is an anti-hair loss and stimulating conditioner.



Another specific need is represented by those who suffer from androgenetic alopecia (baldness), both male and female. In this case, an hair conditioner enriched with the best anti-hair loss and stimulating active ingredients is needed.

In addition, those suffering from this disorder often undertake anti-baldness treatments and therapies that involve the use of alcohol-based topical lotions. The latter can be beneficial for hair loss, but, as they contain alcohol, they tend to leave the hair dry and dehydrated. A conditioner specifically designed to restore softness and, at the same time, perform a strong long lasting anti-hair loss and stimulating action is Kmax Stimulating Leave-In Conditioner, that remaining on the hair restore the softness even on very frizzy hair.


Leave-in conditioner: a fragrant revelation

A separate category of hair conditioners is that of leave-in conditioners. These are hair products that don’t require the use of water to be rinsed off. This immediately makes them more practical and offers a prolonged action. In fact, the active ingredients stay on the hair and continue to work throughout the day, continuously bringing softness and hydration. Obviously, the higher the quality of the conditioner, the greater the benefits obtained.


Kmax Stimulating Leave-In Conditioner belongs to this category. It has been designed not to be rinsed off precisely to enhance the action of the active ingredients and natural extracts that distinguish it. Triaminodyl, beta-sitosterol and azelaic acid are just three of the active ingredients that make this conditioner a perfect ally to combat hair loss

In particular, Triaminodil is a molecule with a very similar structure to Minoxidil, the best known anti-baldness drug. In fact, several studies have revealed an effective increase in hair regrowth, bringing good results in the treatment of disorders related to hair loss. Beta-sitosterol and azelaic acid, on the other hand, are natural extracts known for their inhibitory action against the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT (the baldness hormone). 18 beta glycyrrhetic acid and caffeine complete the selection of stimulating and anti-hair loss active ingredients.

A natural extract with incredible moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties was added to the stimulating ingredients: aloe vera. The gel extracted from this plant, in fact, promotes softness and constant hydration to the hair.

Whatever your need, choosing a quality conditioner  and using it regularly in your beauty routine will allow you to have softer, shiner and, above all, healthier hair.


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