Hair Loss In Spring: 6 Tips To Limit It

Hair Loss In Spring: 6 Tips To Limit It

Why there is a more intense hair loss in spring? This is a natural phenomenon to not worry about! Let’s discover how we can maintain healthy hair and promote hair regeneration with some easy tips.


Why there is a more intense hair loss in spring? This is a natural phenomenon to not worry about! Let’s discover how we can maintain healthy hair and promote hair regeneration with some easy tips.


It may happen that with the arrival of the spring or autumn an intense hair loss occurs: this hair fall is a normal process that happens even if you have healthy and strong hair, because it is part of the overall hair regeneration process. So let’s try to understand a little more about this normal and physiological phenomenon that should not cause excessive concern.

In fact at each change of season it is absolutely normal to lose some more hair when brushing or during the sleep. Many people get really alarmed and worried about this fact, even if they should not! 

This physiological change of hair represents in the human being a sort of "molt", as it happens in a much more marked way in many other mammals, and it is called Effluvium.

It is good to reassure immediately that the hair that falls out is hair in the Telogen phase (i.e. at the end of its life cycle). 

At the same time as this hair comes out new hair is already growing inside the hair follicle under the skin, and in a short amount of time it will sprout from the scalp to continue growing regularly in health. In few words, this seasonal hair fall lasts a limited amount of time, and it happens because the hair is already at the end of its cycle, ready to give space to new hair.


In any case, there are some ways to limit this phenomenon and help your hair to remain healthy and strong.

Here you can find our 6 tips on how to limit the hair loss during spring!


  1. A Balanced Diet Rich In Nutrients HelpS Limit The Hair Loss
  3. Include A Stimulating Product In Your Hair Care Routine
  4. Use A Nourishing And Stimulating Shampoo
  6. Do Not Exceed With The Heat


1. A Balanced Diet Rich In Nutrients Helps Limit The Hair Loss

hair loss in spring

Following  a balanced diet rich in healthy nutrients is the first thing we can do to help our body in this phase of transition. 

In spring the full body wakes up and regenerates, welcoming the sunnier days,  and this general process affects also our hair. A balanced diet is fundamental for the whole well being of the body and the right provision of vitamins, mineral and proteins can help stimulating also the hair cells regrowth, strengthening the hair structure and keeping the right moisturization level.  In few words, a balanced food intake will contribute a lot to the beauty, softness and brightness of our hair.


2. Get a Trim To Have a Strong Hair


Even if we all know that cutting the hair does not directly stimulate the hair regrowth, it is true that it will actually encourage the length maintenance by getting rid of any damage. In fact dried and split ends weaken the hair fiber, causing the hair to break and thus becoming shorter, slowing down the general hair regrowth process.

So let’s take advantage of this period to go for a good trim, to strengthen the overall hair structure and make it more resistant.


3. Include A Stimulating Product In Your Hair Care Routine

hair loss in spring stimulating follicle spray

In some cases, you can also opt for an extra help provided by some specific hair stimulating products specifically formulated to accelerate the hair regeneration. These products are rich in active ingredients able to accelerate this phase of hair replacement and stimulate a faster regrowth of new hair in anagen, already born within the hair follicles. Active ingredients like Caffeine, NIgella sativa, or copper -peptides are all indicated for the hair stimulation.


4. Use A Nourishing And Stimulating Shampoo

In this period of the year it is even more important to use the right products when we wash our hair. 

In our yearly haircare routine we can include a period of time in spring and autumn to opt for shampoos able to gently stimulate the cell regeneration without being aggressive on the skin, thus maintaining the hydration of the scalp. The good combo of a specific stimulating shampoo plus a nutritive conditioner will help to accelerate the hair regrowth maintaining at the same time its brightness and softness.


5. Massage Your Scalp


Massaging the head is a perfect way to stimulate the microcirculation thus bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. In this way the hair regrowth is stimulated, and an active  blood circulation in those areas that can show more easily the first signs of hair loss will reduce the hair fall process.

Further than that,  the hair massage can promote and improve the penetration of active substances applied before and / or after the massage itself. 3 minutes of scalp massage during the shower are enough, just run your fingers gently through your hair keeping a slight pressure and circular movements insisting on the sides and on the top of the head.

You will soon discover that the scalp massage will have a positive effect on your general wellbeing, soothing the contraction and offering and immediate relaxation for the mind as well.


6. Do Not Exceed With The Heat


Another tip to take care of your hair and contrast the hair loss during spring is to pay attention on how you use hair dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons. After a full winter during which you have probably used them a lot to contrast the cold and the humidity, this is the good moment to start limiting their use. Take advantage of the warmer and sunnier days to dry the hair in the sun, and if you use an hairdryer, first try to gently remove as much water as possible with a towel to reduce the amount of time exposure to the hot hair.

And always remember to keep the hairdryer at a certain distance from the head and at a temperature that is not too high!

These tips will help you face the seasonal hair loss without being affected too much! If, however, you notice that the hair fall continues even in the coming months, or that the amount of hair loss is really excessive, the best advice is to consult a specialist.


Stay up to date!

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