How the stress can accelerate the hair loss: our tips to limit it

How the stress can accelerate the hair loss: our tips to limit it

A frenetic lifestyle, full of stress and situations with high emotional levels, can affect the general health of our body and of our hair, making it dull, opaque, and even leading to an hair loss.


Our lifestyle often leads us to live situations full of stress, both at work and in our personal sphere, situations that weaken our body and also affect our hair health, which become dull and fragile with a marked tendency to an hair loss..

The relationship between stress and hair loss has a statistical and empirical evidence, already clear to all trichologists and hair specialists.

Several studies have verified that after a period of time ranging from one to three months from the triggering event, a more pronounced hair loss often occurs, which can sometimes even last for weeks.



This hair fall happens because, in stressful situations, our body releases a steroid hormone, the cortisol, which contributes to the weakening of the metabolic activity of the tissues, also affecting some of the cells involved in the formation of the hair. 

However, this is a temporary phenomenon that normally resolves without particular interventions once the emotional balance is restored, when the hair follicle resumes its regular activity, but often it is itself a trigger of further stress establishing in this way a vicious circle.


The health of the hair follicle

An altered emotional status in the long run can reduce the metabolic activity of the hair follicle, with a consequent reduced energy production.

This leads to an extension of the catagen phase (the resting phase of the hair) and to the shortening of the anagen phase (the growing phase of the new hair) with therefore a greater number of hair falling out with respect to the number of hair that grows up.

Att the same time it generates a weakening of the cells that produce keratin, the protein responsible for the good structure of the hair shaft.

This hair loss and hair thinning due to  the stress and to altered emotional state occurs in women with a general thinning on the entire scalp and especially in the central area; in men, in addition to a general hair thinning, there is also a receding hairline that advances early.


Hair loss due to stress: what to do

In a general state in which the body is under stress, even the hair loses structure, it is less bright, it becomes dull and brittle, less soft to the touch and above all more rebel to any styling. When in addition to this a more intense hair loss occurs, it is important to act quickly.

In fact, even if the hair fall due to stress is reversible, it is important to implement some strategies aimed at reducing its scope and above all capable of stimulating the hair regrowth and the metabolic reactivation of the hair follicle.

First of all, it is important to reduce the exposure of the hair to all those external agents that weaken its structure: the daily use of straightening plates, aggressive dyes, hair dryers used at too high temperatures or too close to the hair are absolutely to be avoided.

In addition, it is important to include in your daily hair care some treatments able to act directly on the scalp and inside the hair follicles to stimulate the hair regrowth and to slow down hair loss, thus counteracting the negative effects of stress, and it is recommended to use shampoos which exert a stimulating and revitalizing action on the scalp, to protect and strengthen the hair structure.


Products to contrast the hair fall due to the stress

Our Kmax stimulating line has been specifically created to contrast the hair loss  even when generated by stressful situations, stimulating the hair regrowth by acting directly from the inside on the hair follicle metabolism.


The Kmax Hair Grow Therapy Spray exert three main actions:

- it strengthens the internal structure of the hair

- it stimulates the anagen growth phase

- it exert an anti-inflammatory action  relieving all those scalp affections that aggravate the hair loss process such as dandruff, desquamation or redness.

Rich in highly concentrated principles, such as triaminodil, nigella sativa, caffeine, it stimulates the microcirculation of the scalp thus promoting the supply of nutrients to the hair follicle and stimulating in this way its correct metabolism.


Kmax Stimulating Follicle Spray is  a specific lotion rich in copper peptides formulated to contrast hai thinning and to perform a powerful anti-inflammatory action on an irritated or itchy scalp. The high concentration of copper peptides stimulates hair regrowth, it regenerates the scalp and it helps solve problems such as dandruff and flaking, and it is ideal if used as a complement to the hair growth therapy spray by acting in synergy with it.



In the end, the hair loss due to stress is a passing phenomenon, although it can take a long time to be resolved. And if the most important thing to do remains to try to restore the emotional balance to eliminate the cause that origins the hair fall, the little tricks we have talked about and the daily use of the right products will contribute significantly to reduce the problem and will encourage a faster hair regrowth.


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