How to cut the hair by yourself: our tips for men and women

How to cut the hair by yourself: our tips for men and women

Cutting the hair by yourself can be scary, especially if it is the first time. However, there are few simple steps that, if done correctly, will help you to perfectly cut your hair at home. Let's see together how to proceed!


In this period in which most of us are forced at home, without the possibility to go to the hairdresser for a perfect hairstyle, it can be useful to get some tips on how to cut the hair by yourself. From the necessary tools, to some suggestions on how to cut the hair at home for both men and women, in this article we will see in details:


  1. Before the haircut: tools and preparation
  2. How to cut the hair at home: better wet or dry?
  3. The basic tips for a man hairstyle:
    . clean and redefine
    . track and fade
    . cut
  4. The basic tips for a woman hairstyle:
    . remove the split ends
    . scaling the hair
    . shorten the hair
    . making the bangs
    . shorten the bangs


1- Before the haircut: tools and preparation 

hair cut

First of all, when deciding to cut the hair at home it is essential to have everything you need:

Scissors: they must be small and have well-sharpened blades to cut the hair precisely and accurately; use those with straight blades to cut, while those with the integrated comb to thin out.

Comb: preferably thick and non-pocket, it helps to eliminate any tangle and to smooth and divide the hair during the cut: both made in wood or plastic are ok, you will need one with large teeth to comb and one with tighter teeth as an help in the haircut.

Hair grips: to collect the various locks and concentrate on a limited portion of hair to proceed in steps.

Hair ties: necessary to carry out some basic steps of different hairstyles, especially those that involve scaling.

Electric razor or trimmer: fundamental in any men's hairstyle to clean, fade and even cut.

Mirror: one fixed and one movable, to see all sides of the head.


2- How to cut the hair at home: better wet or dry?

If you desire to tick off the lengths, then wet your hair. If the hair is naturally  straight, it can be enough to even moisten it, but if you are curly it is a little different. In this case, in fact, there are two options: to shorten the hair just a bit, it will be good to do it even when dry, if on the contrary you want to cut it a lot,  first it is better to make it wet. But be careful: hair gets longer when wet! This detail must be taken into account before finding an excessively short cut once dried.




hair cut

If the goal is to redefine and maintain your look, the secret is to remove any unwanted hair from your hairstyle. Act on the back of the neck, the sideburns and the contour of the ears. 

The ideal tool is the electric razor, that allows you to adjust the hair to the desired length with precision and ease without reddening or irritating the skin. 

To clean the haircut on the nape, take a reference point such as the earlobe, adjust the electric razor to the shortest measure and proceed from the bottom to the top until you reach the chosen height eliminating any superfluous hair.


Track and fade

hair cut

After making the basic adjustments, continue on the  sides until you reach a complete hairstyle. First of all, it is necessary to comb the hair following its normal shape, in this way you will have a precise idea of ​​how to proceed. Adjust the razor with the right size: better to start with a shorter size to avoid irreparable damage.

To get the perfect cut, you need to know how and where to act and for this it is essential to draw a guideline. Trace it on the sides of the head and once it is outlined, blend it by adjusting the machine with a measure more than the desired one. Next, proceed along the line until you get to the temples, to act on the whole head.

Between the first line drawn and the temples it is useful to create an intermediate line. The goal is to act on each line with a measure more than the previous one, in order to obtain a well-nuanced hairstyle.



For this step you will need the scissors. After combing the longest hair around the ear, lift them with the help of your fingers or with a comb to  distance them from the head and proceed with the cut.

It is important to hold the scissors parallel to your fingers and proceed slowly until you make the same cut on both sides. It is not necessary to pull the hair excessively, just leave it as much as possible in its natural form: if they are pulled, they are stretched and the final result will be a shorter cut than expected. After a few cuts, it is good to stop to check your work. Finally, for the upper part of the head, it is necessary to lift one lock at a time (length from 6 to 12 cm) and proceed very slowly to minimize the margin of error.

Tip: some hairdressers cut a small lock at the center of the hairline and use this length as a reference point for the rest of the head.

At this point all that remains to do is the styling: a right product able to fix the cut with a natural effect is the best ally. The basic choice is between products in spray or in gel if you prefer a wet effect. Products such as the Kmax Concealing Gel are able to give style and add a thickening effect where a slight thinning is already visible thanks to the keratin fibers it contains.

The Kmax Fixing Spray is perfect instead if the thinning is more visible and it is hidden with the use of the Keratin Fibers: in this case the fixing spray, in addition to a styling effect, strengthens the bond between the fibers and the hair prolonging their link for days.



Remove the split ends

hair cut

For a perfect women's hairstyle the first thing to do is to act on the ends of the hair, to get rid of any split ends. When you cut your hair by yourself, divide it into strands and proceed as follows: pass the comb and smooth the strand to the maximum, keep it still between your fingers. With the help of scissors, to be positioned vertically and never horizontally, cut the hair tips rather randomly and quickly, to ensure a natural effect and avoid finding yourself with a clean and excessively geometric cut.


Shorten the hair

hair cut

If your desire is to shorten the hair, for example to pass from a long cut to a medium haircut, such as a long bob, start by tying the hair in a rear tail, and add a second elastic to find the point beyond which you can cut .

To get a slightly longer cut in front, pull the hair behind the ears, if you prefer an even cut,  just avoid this step.

At this point, cut a little below your elastic.

After drying the hair, you can lighten the hair tips slightly, using a comb as a limit beyond which not to go up, holding the scissors vertically and popping a few strands in order to have a more natural, less sharp and geometric cut.


 Scaling the hair

hair cut

If you want to cut the hair by yourself  and you want a scaled cut, make a very tight tail and pour it on the forehead. Comb it carefully, position the scissors vertically and proceed with the cut, working only on the tips without making clean and important cuts. It is a meticulous and precise work, which focuses on the final part of the hair, to get a uniform and light scaled hairstyle. Check the result and repeat the steps until obtaining the desired length.


Make the bangs


If you want to cut the hair at home and you desire a bangs, collect a frontal portion of hair that is not too full-bodied, then pour it forward, over the forehead.

At this point comb it well and moisten it a bit, without exaggerating, hold it between your fingers, then do a half turn like a twist and start cutting. Try not to go too high, to avoid it being excessively short: better make it longer and intervene in two stages to fix it without doing irreparable damage. Thanks to this technique, the bangs will be slightly longer on the sides and not straight and even on the whole forehead, for a softer and less decisive hairstyle.


Shorten the bangs

hair cut

If you just need to shorten your bangs by yourself, it is better to act on dry hair.

Carefully comb it and then use the comb as a ruler to be able to shorten it properly: at this point, start at the middle of the nose - in the central area - and proceed towards a corner, up to the left eyebrow for example, and then towards the opposite one. Proceed step by step until you get the desired length.

TIP: If a hair thinning is visible, for example on the temples or on the central line, in addition to choosing the right cut to hide it, the use of keratin fibers to get a thicker and fuller effect in a few seconds becomes ideal. Discover how to use them here!


Stay up to date!

Congratulation! At this point you should have reached your desired hairstyle all made by yourself! But what if you have grey hair or a hair root regrowth you want to cover even when at homef? Stay with us next week to discover the range of products able to solve this problem: the hair colour sprays!

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