How to take care of your beard: 6 steps for an impeccable look

How to take care of your beard: 6 steps for an impeccable look

Your beard deserves the best. Whether it’s a scruffy beard, long or short, all you need to know for an impeccable look is in this article.


1. How to take care of your beard? Wash it!

If it is true that each beard is unique, it is equally true that there are rules valid for all types. The first one? Hygiene. Long beard, short beard, scruffy beard, hipster beard: all of them must be rigorously washed in the correct way. Make sure you use warm (and not too hot) water and gently wet it without using any kind of soap.

Done? Let’s move on.


2. The proper cleansing for trim beards

Now that the beard has been properly rinsed, it’s time to move on to actual washing. If you’re thinking of using any kind of cleaner, maybe you should stop. In fact, in order to cure the beard in the best way it is essential to have a specific shampoo. Choosing a specific cleanser allows you to give your beard the care it needs to be always tidy and healthy. Immediately after, rinse thoroughly.


3. Never without brushing

When talking about the proper care for the beard, the third step is undoubtedly brushing. This operation, as simple as necessary, allows you to remove dead cells, dandruff and other impurities. However, just as for the hair, choosing to use a comb or brush is not the same thing. In fact, the use of a beard comb is recommended to untangle the nodes on the short/medium lengths. Instead, a specific beard brush is suitable for those who have long beard.

Extra tip: avoid plastic combs and brushes and opt for wood. In this way, you won’t make your beard electrostatic.


4. How to take care for the beard with balsams and oils




Conditioners and shaving oils are what really make the difference when it comes to how to treat your beard flawlessly. This is because they soften the beard hair, avoiding that it becomes dry and giving the right softness. In addition, the use of these products makes the skin properly hydrated and not at all irritated. Specifically, the use of a shaving oil is recommended during the hair growth phase since it helps the output of the hair from the hair bulb speeding up the growth.


5. Constant but not excessive

For optimal results and proper hygiene, the beard should be treated in this way a couple of times a week. In fact, it is important not to wash your beard as often as you wash your face. A proper beauty routine involves cleansing the face twice a day,  in the morning and in the evening.

When it comes to the beard however, the situation is different. Excessive and too frequent washing makes the beard dry and frayed. This happens because our body produces in a natural way the necessary substances to promote proper a growth and, by washing the beard too assiduously, we remove them thus affecting the state of health of the beard. That’s why you have to be constant but without over doing.


6. The final touch




Proper cleansing and the use of the right products guarantee a good care of the beard in terms of hygiene and health. But when it comes to pure aesthetic appearance, however, we need to pay attention to eventual thin areas. To ensure a uniform and homogeneous look, the ideal is to mask these areas that are less dense and/or free of hair with products able to give immediate density.

An example? Kmax Scalp Shader! It is a hair make-up tool designed specifically to give fullness and uniformity to the beard, eyebrows and hair. Being available in 8 different colors (without artificial dyes), Kmax Scalp Shader fits perfectly any beard color.

Et voilà! Six simple moves to impeccably take care of your beard and of your look! 


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