New Year’s Eve hairstyles: 5 looks to start 2021

New Year’s Eve hairstyles: 5 looks to start 2021

No matter how you decide to start the new year, don’t miss the opportunity to show off the right look. Here are the New Year’s Eve hairstyles you should try this year.


New Year’s Eve hairstyles: something has changed

We are about to leave behind an unusual year. During these months, we have been forced to adapt to a new way of living, acting and thinking. We have learned to take care of ourselves. We improvised as bakers, artists, hairdressers and beauty gurus. Now, it’s time to put everything we’ve learned over the past few months into practice. It is time to shine, to dare, to feel good about ourselves. At home or outside, alone or together with our loved ones, this year more than any other year, we should show off our best dress and our most special look to welcome the new year with the right spirit (and appearance). Here, then, five hairstyles for a New Year’s Eve to show off on the most magical night of the year.


1. Chignon, the timeless classic

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Among the hairstyles for New Year’s Eve, the most popular is undoubtedly the chignon. A timeless classic with ancient origins. In fact, this hairstyle dates back to Ancient Greek times, when women chose it as their daily hairstyle. In some parts of the world, as in Mesopotamia, instead, it represented a typical male hairstyle. Throughout its history, it has been reinvented and re-proposed in infinite variations, but without ever losing the elegance that has always distinguished it.


It’s a chic hairstyle that suits everyone, but only if you choose the shape that best suits your face. That’s why the Kmax team selected a specific variant for each facial shape.


  • Low bun

Perfect for... the long face!

Choosing a low bun allows you to create a perfect balance with your face softening its long shape. To make it, follow just few simple moves: 1) Divide the hair into three parts and make the tail with the central strand; 2) Roll up on itself the central strand and fix it with hairpins; 3) Roll up on itself the left strand, bring it back and fix it together with the central lock; 4) Do the same with the right lock.


  • High bun (braid bun bang)

Perfect for... the round face!

Typically, when your face is round, you desire to slim it down and make it appear longer. The right New Year’s Eve hairstyle can make a difference. That’s why we recommend a high bun full of volume. To realize it: 1) Comb the hair backwards and make a tight and high tail; 2) Divide the tail into two strands and roll them around the tail; 3) Fix it with hairpins. Alternatively, for an extra-chic version, try using the bun ring and no hair will be out of place.


  • Messy bun

Perfect for... the square face!

This version is ideal for those who have the most squared and decisive facial features. However, it is loved by all those who are looking for a less tidy and more natural look. How to make this hairlook for New Year’s Eve? Here are the three moves to make the messy bun: 1) Collect the hair without pulling them as to make the classic ponytail; 2) Leave two strands to frame the face and increase the messy effect; 3) Wrap them on themselves and tie them gently with an elastic band.


Never without… 

Hair spray! It is essential for this type of hairstyle and allows you to always keep in order your New Year’s hairstyle. For a more natural look, it is better to opt for a fixing spray with a fresher texture like Kmax Fixing Spray. High hold, maximum result.


2. Plan B: the ponytail

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Not all women are chignon lovers, but luckily there is always a plan B. That’s why we suggest an equally effective alternative: the ponytail. Too often, we tend to associate the tail to a quick and messy hairstyle, the classic hairstyle that is done when the hair is not too clean. But it’s not always like that. The ponytail can be a very elegant variant and, for this, can become a perfect hairstyle for New Year and other special occasions. 


  • The high ponytail

The first of all is a great classic: the high ponytail. Chic and refined, it is shown more and more often on the Red Carpet. For your hair on New Year’s Eve, it’s just perfect. Here’s how to achieve it: 1) Gently comb hair backwards detangling each knot; 2) Use a good hairspray to also include broken or shorter hair; 3) Now tie it all up with an elastic. For an extreme elegance touch, take a strand of hair from the ponytail and roll around the elastic to hide it.


  • The low ponytail

The low ponytail is an alternative to keep in mind when talking about hairstyles for New Year. It is a very simple and natural look, but at the same time it allows to preserve the elegance that some situations require: 1) Choose if you want to opt for a smooth or mainly wavy fold; 2) Gently comb the hair and proceed with the desired fold; 3) Tie them with an elastic. Just like for the high ponytail, also for this version you can opt to mask the elastic with a lock of hair for a more chic result.


Never without… 

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When thinking about the tools needed to make our look perfect, the first product that comes to our mind is the hairspray. True, but it’s not the only one. In fact, when dealing with hairstyles such as the ponytail, you may stumble into some thinned areas of your hair. To fill these areas and give the hair the right fullness, the instant hair make-up products come in our help. Kmax keratin fibers are born with the intent of masking hair thinning and make any look perfect, avoiding to show off empty areas of the scalp. Just a little trick to completely change the hairlook final effect.


3. New Year’s hairstyles: half-up half-down

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The half-up half-down is one of those hairstyles for New Year’s Eve that save us at the very last minute. This is because it’s an hairstyle that does not follow a determined pattern and so it allows us to create a look both original and simple.


  • For straight hair

For those who show off straight hair every day, the end of the year can be the ideal opportunity for an alternative look. So, why not opting for a half-up half-down with curls? Here’s how to make it: 1) Comb your hair gently; 2) Make the styling with the hair straightener; 3) Take the strands in front and secure them back with a clip or simple hairpins.


  • For curly hair

Romantic and chic, half-up half down hairstyles are the ideal solution even for those with curly hair. If on New Year’s Eve you want to give focus to your curly hair, it would be a shame to pull it up. That’s why the ideal solution is to choose a simple and refined half-up half down hairstyle. To realize it with curly hair two moves are enough: 1) Comb and volumize the hair; 2) Collect backwards the locks that characterize the face with a clasp or a delicious red bow. 


Never without.. 

Hair foundation! It is an indispensable hair make-up tool when it comes to a half-up half-down hairstyles. This is because picking up the front strands backwards often creates small, thin areas.However, you can mask these empty areas with the Kmax Scalp Shader. In this way, the look will be immediately fuller. 


4. Not a simple braid

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In the proposals for your New Year’s hairstyles DIY, the braid can't be missed. A great classic, often adopted in its most traditional form during everyday life. Below, we propose two alternatives, perfect to replicate on the night of New Year’s Eve.


  • Fishbone braid

Perfect for... unconventional women!

It is a particular variant (and very much loved) of the traditional braid. Here’s what you have to do to get this result: 1) Separate the hair into two equal parts after combing; 2) Take a lock from the left side, place it over the entire left side until it reaches the right side; 3) Slip the lock under the right side making it become an integral part of that side; 4) Pull the locks to avoid a messy result; 5) Repeat the same procedure with the right side; 6) Once you understand the mechanism, all you have to do is get to the end.


  • Braided half-up half-down hairstyle

Perfect for… romantic women

For a fairytale look, semi-collected hair paired with a braid is the ideal choice. If you’ve never done it, it might seem difficult. But in relity , few simple moves are enough to create this hairstyle with a wow effect: 1) Comb your hair gently to untangle any knot; 2) Make at the sides of the neck two traditional braids of small or medium size (depending on your preferences); 3) Set aside the freshly made braids and make a normal half-up half-down hairstyle by fixing it with the hairpins; 4) Cover the newly fixed point by weaving the braids gently and fixing them further with hairpins.


Never without… 

Volumizing dry shampoo! To give the hair the volume it needs to create a perfect hairstyle like this. In addition, dry shampoo is also ideal for removing dirt without washing hair. In short, it’s perfect if you don’t have much time before the New Year’s Eve. The volumizing dry shampoo you need is here.


 5. When accessories make a difference


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On the longest night of the year, you can shine even without striving to make a particular hairstyle. How? With the right accessories: minimum effort, maximum resul. Which better occasion than New Year’s Eve to show off an old rhinestone-covered headband? Rounded headbands, glittery bows, special clasps, pearls and glitter to decorate your hair. Every accessory that makes you feel elegantly chic is not only allowed, it is a must.


Never without… 

Something red! On New Year’s Eve, it is traditional to have at least one red accessory. This ancient custom is to be traced back to China, where red represents fortune and prosperity. Consequently, starting the new year with something of this chromatic tone is a real hymn to hope. It is worth trying ;)


Stay up to date!

New year, new habits. In the next article, we will reveal which vitamins are essential to improve the health of your hair.

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