Thin Hair: the Haircare routine tailored for you

Thin Hair: the Haircare routine tailored for you

Thin hair, too thin. There is a perfect routine even for those with fine hair. Discover how to gain thicker hair with the right volume.


Thin hair causes: let’s get started!

To find the ideal hair routine for those with weak and thin hair, it’s necessary to start from the beginning. What is the cause of very thin hair? This question doesn’t correspond to a single answer, but to five! In fact, the main causes that lead to thin hair are multiple and, sometimes, concomitant. Let’s see them together.

  • Genetics: genetic predisposition is among the main reasons why an individual may have too thin hair.
  • Unbalanced diet: a wrong diet can lead to a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements essential for hair health. B vitamins and iron are just one example.
  • Aggressive products: the daily use of hair products not suited to one’s own needs is another cause for the hair to become fine and dry.
  • Stress: a particularly stressful lifestyle has several negative consequences for the whole body, including hair.
  • Surgery and specific medications: taking certain medications, such as antibiotics, can make hair brittle and thin. In this case, a specialist should be asked to determine the most suitable solution.


Fine hair remedies: the solution

Thin hair remedies? Yes, thank you! Even the finest and thinner hair can regain its fullness with the right treatment. First of all, it is essential to start from the inside and take care of your diet: only the correct dose of vitamins and minerals can guarantee complete hair health. After that, you have to select the best products for fine hair and insert them into your daily routine. However, not everyone needs the same tools. That’s why we designed a tailor-made hair routine for fine hair. Two, one for women and one for men.


Kmax Haircare Routine for thinning hair: 5 steps for Her




If you are a lady and have thinning hair, you are in the right place. The team of Kmax experts has designed a perfect hair routine to make your hair voluminous and full, even if they are fine and thin. How? You only need five steps for a flawless look.


1. Volumizing Shampoo: the first step to take 



Where does a hair care routine start? From the right detergent. The first step to take care of thin hair is to choose the appropriate shampoo. In case of fine and thinning hair, in fact, we recommend a volumizing shampoo, which knows how to give volume, fullness and shine to the hair.

Kmax Volumizing Shampoo is the detergent designed specifically for thin hair: it gently cleanses, rebuilds and strengthens the hair structure, and gives volume and fullness. The secret? Its ingredients are based on keratin, rice powder, aloe vera and vitamin E (no SLS, no SLES).


2. Gently comb and dry 

Thin hair is the most delicate type, as the reduced thickness more easily causes it to break. This is why it is important not to be aggressive in the drying phase. After rinsing gently a volumizing shampoo and a mild conditioner, it is recommended to remove water excess with your hands by blotting it with a towel (without rubbing). Besides drying, you must also pay some attention to the right comb or brush. In this previous article, we have illustrated all types of brushes and combs according to the hair type and individual needs.


3. What about a dry shampoo? Yes, but volumizing


There are some days when you just don’t have time to wash your hair. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have hair always clean and voluminous. The ideal solution for those with particularly fine hair is Kmax Volumizing Root Spray. It is not a simple dry shampoo, but a dry volumizing spray specifically designed to make volume without weighing down the hair. Thanks to a formulation enriched with tapioca starch, it eliminates excess oil leaving the hair clean and, in addition, it gives immediate fullness. Kmax Volumizing Root Spray is the product that should always be at hand on your shelf.


4. Hair make-up: let’s make it perfect!


After drying and combing fine hair gently, let’s continue the haircare routine for fine hair with a proper hair make-up. Just as for the face, the hair look can be made perfect thanks to the make-up. When the hair is too fine, it tends to create thinning areas, especially in the front, and that’s where Kmax Concealing Scalp Shader comes in. It is a foundation for hair designed to mask thinning, cover the empty areas and provide the hair shaft with fullness. Applying it is much simpler than you might think: look at Kate’s tutorial here and you’ll see immediately how easy it is!


5. Thicker anf fuller

With the  Kmax Concealing Scalp Shader, we have created a good base and fine hair begins to look more full-bodied and voluminous. So, why stop right now? Let’s keep getting deeper! To further increase the hair volume, the best solution are the keratin microfibers. Made with the same substance of the hair, keratin, they are able to bind electrostatically to the hair giving instantly volume and fullness. Extremely easy to apply and water resistant, Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers are the essential tool to say goodbye in a few seconds to fine and thin hair .


Et voilà! Here are the five steps for a haircare routine ideal for thin hair: stronger hair, fuller hair and impeccable look. Try to believe!


Kmax Haircare Routine for thin hair: 5 steps for Him


capelli fini


The Kmax team has created an essential routine for thin hair also for men, because an excessively thin hair needs a tailor-made treatment, to give body and fullness to the hair by using the right products. Here’s how.


1. A volumizing cleansing

The first step to an ideal hair care routine starts with washing. Fine, thin hair needs a gentle shampoo more than ever. Even more, it is important that the detergent could give volume and fullness to a naturally flat hair. Made from keratin and rice powder, Kmax Volumizing Shampoo is what anyone with thin hair needs. Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E, is the ideal shampoo to gently cleanse and, at the same time, give the hair the right volume and texture.


2. Rebalance the scalp

Now that the hair is clean and more voluminous, you need to give the right attention to the scalp. Often, thin hair is not able to fully cover the nape and this involves the appearance of thin areas. Taking care of the scalp and restoring its correct balance facilitates hair regrowth, generating, over time, a more uniform appearance. Kmax Stimulating Hair Follicle Spray has been designed precisely for this purpose: a copper-peptide lotion ideal to stimulate hair growth, provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, and restore optimal scalp conditions.


3. Use a gel, but not just a gel


Not all gels are the same. Kmax Concealing Styling Gel is tailor-made for fine and thin hair. In fact, a normal gel is used to fix the hairlook for the day. Instead, Kmax gel has a filling effect over the thinned areas thanks to its formulation enriched with keratin microfibers. Styling and volume blend together in a single gesture to turn fine hair into a full and thick hair. For an optimal effect, remember to apply it on clean and dry hair, and for the final touch, apply it with the help of a comb.


4. Volume at the maximum power

capelli fini

When the hair is too thin and the thinning areas too evident, the solution is to maximize the filling effect. How? With the keratin microfibers. In this case, the combination of Kmax Styling Gel and Kmax Hair Fibers offers an intensifying effect for a complete filling even in case of accentuated thinning. First, use the gel enriched with keratin microfibers. Wait until it is completely dry and then apply the keratin microfibers to enhance the effect.


5. The last touch: fix!

The final step to keep this look designed for thin hair all day long is fix it all with Kmax Concealing Fixing Spray. It is a lacquer designed to increase the strong hold of hair fibers. Its effectiveness is further enhanced by the practical dispenser that evenly distributes the product throughout the hair.


Following these tips, you can have thick and voluminous hair every day, despite the thinning.


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