Vitamins for the hair: what to eat to stimulate hair growth

Vitamins for the hair: what to eat to stimulate hair growth

Vitamins are the best allies for the health and well-being of our hair. Let’s discover which vitamins are good for the hair, how they stimulate hair growth and where to find them.


Where the beauty begins

"Mens sana in corpore sano" or, in this case, better to say "Healthy hair in an healthy body". Perhaps, the fact that a healthy lifestyle is at the basis of the well-being of every organism is no longer a novelty. However, there is still a tendency to underestimate the indissoluble link between healthy eating and beauty. Hair is an integral part of our body and, just like other organs, it takes nourishment from what we eat. For this, the proper intake of the right dose of vitamins and minerals not only makes us healthy, but also beautiful.

As passionate supporters of inner beauty, the experts of the Kmax team have selected the best vitamins for the hair that can promote hair well-being and stimulate its growth. Let’s discover which they are and where you can find them: as of now you will have no more excuses.


Vitamin A: the leader vitamin for hair

When it comes to hair vitamins, you can only start from the beginning. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, belongs to the family of fat-soluble vitamins. This means that it is accumulated by our body in the liver and released from it when needed.


It’s necessary to… 

Along with its precursors (carotenoids), vitamin A contributes to the retinal rhodopsin formation, the substance that makes our eyes sensitive to light and allows us to see. It is also a powerful antioxidant: it counteracts free radicals and slows cell aging. In addition, it is useful for bone development and to strengthen our immune system.


It’s good for hair because…

It nourishes and delays hair aging thanks to its antioxidant action. In addition, vitamin A keeps the hair hydrated by producing the right amount of sebum thus avoiding dry and dull hair. A vitamin A deficiency leads to an alteration of the sebaceous glands increasing the risk of dandruff and seborrhea. However, even an excess of vitamin A has negative effects on the hair: it could inhibit the final synthesis of keratins, thus compromising hair resistance and increasing the hair loss risk.


We can introduce it with… 

Vitamin A is mainly contained in foods of animal origin. Among the most important foods rich in vitamin A, we remember the liver, whole milk, butter, cheese and egg yolk. Apricots, melons and carrots stand out among the foods of vegetable origin most riched of it.



When it comes to vitamin B, this name does not refer to a single vitamin but to eight different ones: the vitamins of the B group. Each acts in its own way on the health of our body and, consequently, our hair. The B group of vitamins consists of: vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (vitamin PP), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin H (biotin or B8), folic acid (vitamin B9) and vitamin B12


They are necessary to… 

Viitamins of B group are essential to transform carbohydrates into glucose and to regulate the metabolism of fats and proteins. In addition, they are essential to promote the normal functioning of the nervous system and, above all, of the liver.


They are good for hair because… 

Vitamins B are definitely among the most important hair vitamins and a lack of them can lead to several negative consequences. In particular,  biotin regulates the production of glycogen thus favoring the health of skin appendages. It also controls the sebum production by reducing the risk of flaking, dandruff and seborrhea. Vitamins B1 and B2 have an energizing and nourishing power towards the hair. Instead, vitamin PP contributes to the formation of their structure and vitamin B12 allows the right supply of oxygen the hair bulb. Folic acid promotes cell proliferation, while vitamin B5 increases the speed of hair growth and improves its structure.

As it is easy to guess, without the right intake of group B vitamins, the hair would be dry, malnourished, brittle and, for this reason, tending to fall.


We can introduce them with… 

The best way to introduce them all is to adopt a varied diet. Vitamins B1, B2 and folic acid are mainly found in whole grains, legumes and molluscs. Instead, vitamin PP is found mainly in food of animal origin, such as liver, meat and milk. Vitamin B5 is also contained in whole grains, nuts and eggs. Vitamin B6 is mostly found in vegetables such as bananas, spinach and peas. Vitamin H is contained in egg yolk, liver and green vegetables. Finally, vitamin B12 is known to be present exclusively in food of animal origin (meat, liver, fish, shellfish and milk) and this often makes it deficient in those who adopt a vegetarian and/or vegan food style.


C as Circulation 

Vitamin C is often wrongly neglected when it comes to hair vitamins. Also called ascorbic acid, it belongs to water-soluble vitamins just like B vitamins.


It’s necessary to… 

Vitamin C is known to be the perfect ally against seasonal illnesses and flu symptoms. In fact, thanks to its antioxidant power, it is able to strengthen the immune system and raise our defenses when we need it most.


It’s good for hair because… 

However, its strong antioxidant action also plays an important role in hair health. In fact, vitamin C stimulates circulation and promotes the cellular exchange of the scalp. In this way, it improves the hair well-being and contributes to their growth.


We can introduce it with… 

The typical fruit of the winter months is very rich in vitamin C. So, we can take the right daily dose thanks to mandarins, oranges, clementines and lemons. It is also found in abundance in cabbages, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, spinach and peppers.


Full of vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and, therefore, it is not necessary to introduce it regularly, as it is accumulated by the liver and released when the body feels its need.

Mostly, it is synthetized by our body through the exposure to the sun. However, with the end of summer, if not taken through a proper diet or with a special dietary supplement, our body could be in an unpleasant situation of vitamin deficiency.


It’s necessary to… 

Vitamin D is essential for calcium metabolism and in the process of bone calcification. In fact, its deficiency causes disorders such as tooth weakening, caries formation, bone deformation and rickets.


It’s good for hair because…

Vitamin D is also considered one of the main vitamins to counteract hair loss. It helps to make hair stronger and more resistant. Indeed, its deficiency is one of the main causes of the onset of seasonal or chronic effluvia, that is an abundant and unusual hair loss.


We can introduce it with… 

As already mentioned, vitamin D is sinthetized by our body mainly thanks to the sun’s rays. Among the foods rich in vitamin D, we mention cod liver oil, fatty fish such as mackerel and cod, and mushrooms.


Hair vitamins: from A to… E

Also called tocopherol, vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is sensitive to heat and, therefore, tends to degrade with high temperatures.


It’s necessary to… 

Vitamin E is a powerful natural antioxidant, able to effectively counteract free radicals and encourage the slowdown of cellular aging. By contributing to cell renewal, vitamin E becomes an important ally in cancer prevention. In addition, its action increases the level of good cholesterol in the blood also reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


It’s good for hair because…

By blocking the production of free radicals, vitamin E protects the cellular structure of the skin and hair. In addition, it regulates the production of sebum and normalizes the balance of the scalp. For this reason, it is often used in the production of shampoos and emollient treatments for dry and dull hair, and that’s why it is to be kept in mind when talking about which vitamins are good for the hair.


We can introduce it with… 

Typical of the Mediterranean diet, extra virgin olive oil is one of the richest foods in vitamin E. Similarly, however, so are dried fruits such as peanuts and nuts, vegetable drinks, dairy products and derivatives.


And if food’s vitamins are not enough…

If you have come this far, you will surely have understood the importance of adopting a healthy and varied diet. This is because it is the easiest way to promote the health and well-being of the hair and, above all, of our entire body.

However, these vitamins so essential for hair are not only found in foods. In fact, the best hair products include them in their formulas to immediately give the hair a healthier appearance.

For example, among the active ingredients of Kmax Volumizing Shampoo stand out both panthenol (precursor of vitamin B5) and tocopherol, or vitamin E. In particular, panthenol promotes the right hydration of the hair and scalp, also performing a protective and decongestant action. While, tocopherol has a strong antioxidant action and is vital in countering free radicals. Similarly, even Kmax Stimulating Hair Follicle Spray takes advantage of the benefits of panthenol to restore the proper scalp balance and combat irritation and redness. 


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