Choosing the right haircut is important to give value to our figure and get a harmonious appearance, and the shape of our face plays a fundamental role in making the right choice.


Not all haircuts are equal. Beyond the long / short, smooth / curly difference, there are some specific haircuts that can give value to the shape of the eyes, others can soften an angular face, others manage to bring volume to a face with little pronounced features.

To understand which is the most suitable haircut to harmonize our figure, let's analyze the shape of our face. In this article we will talk about:



  • The best haircuts for a squared face: give softness and volume
  • The best haircuts for a rounded face: hide the width
  • The best haircuts for a triangular face: give volume where is missing
  • The best haircuts for a long face shape: make the length less noticeable


The best haircuts for a squared face: give softness and volume


The squared face is characterized by the presence of decisive features, with an important jaw, almost masculine, with a rather rectangular shape.

The watchword is therefore to soften and balance the proportions, creating movement on the sides of the face, and opting for scaled haircuts that shift the focus from the jaw to the upper part of the face: yes to voluminous roots, curly hair and also asymmetrical and messy cuts for a disheveled effect, long wavy that create movement to fill the upper part of the face with scaled and soft side tufts up to the height of the nose.

Even a long asymmetrical cut with a lateral line that tends to cover half the face to break the stiffness of the jaw, creating an I see/I cannot see effect, can give value to a squared face. 

YES: haircuts up to the shoulders or more, haircuts that give movement.

NO: geometric or short haircuts that end on the jaw since they would highlight its importance.

The best haircuts for a rounded face: thin the width


A rounded and wide face, the so-called full moon face, has an important width and sometimes is emphasized by a few extra pounds or by a puffiness that could make the face appear fuller and rounder.

The haircut to choose is the one able to make the face look thinner and longer: scaled and wavy haircuts with locks that hide the side of the face leaving the central part in evidence, thus giving the illusion that the face is less full.

Or haircuts with voluminous hair roots that increase the proportion of the upper part of the face, lengthening it upwards.

Also in this case, asymmetrical and messy-looking haircuts can be of help by distracting the attention.

Or….Only for those with a strong personality .. The opposite strategy is to make this face shape the strong point of the overall look to be enhanced, with a short boy-style haircut, which highlights its roundness. In this case, the use of professional styling products becomes fundamental: hair sprays or even gel for a natural wet effect, in the color of the hair to get a thicker effect and maintain the perfect hairstyle.

YES: long, scaled, wavy haircuts that hide the lateral areas of the face, reducing its width and making it look slimmer

NO: geometric cuts with central line, bob-haircuts to the chin, full bangs


The best haircuts for a triangular face: give volume where is missing


A wide upper part of the face that narrows as it approaches the chin, which is usually elongated and a little pointed: this is the triangular face, also called heart-shaped face. Also in this case the best haircut is the one capable of balancing the proportions, thinning the upper part of the face and filling the lower part.

The best haircuts in this case are those that end at the height of the chin, for a filling effect where the face lacks of volume, and a soft bangs on the upper part to frame and make the forehead less evident.

So go ahead with medium length cuts, bobs, or even an almost shaved nape with longer lengths as you approach the front of the face until ending with two long locks under the chin.

Or some lightly wavy hair roots, with increasingly voluminous curls going down to the chin to give volume in the lower part of the face making it less tapered.

Give volume then: with hair styles and products that, starting with the washing, give "life" to the hair shaft and roots, for a filling effect. A specific shampoo will help in this case to have soft and fluffy lengths full of volume.

YES: medium length haircuts, bobs, wavy cuts with fluffy curls at the height of the chin, bangs

NO: volume at the roots, too long haircuts, flat haircuts.


The best haircuts for a long face shape: make the length less noticeable


If your face has a long and tapered shape, a full bangs that reaches the eyes will help to balance the proportions, highlighting the upper part of the face, and give a more harmonious and balanced overall appearance. 

Green light also for all long cuts: wavy, curly or straight hair it does not matter, when its length is greater than the length of the face, for an optical effect the face will seem less long. In this case, a specific product capable of keeping the bangs and hair roots (that are subject to get dirty easily) clean and voluminous becomes crucial for not having to rely on continuous washing.

YES: very long cuts, waves and curls that give lateral volume, a full bangs that shortens the length of the face

NO: bobs at the chin, smooth and flat cuts that highlight even more the length of the face, scaled cuts


All clear? But let's remember one thing .. the right haircut is the one that makes you feel good about yourself. Always follow your instinct and opt for the cut that mostly puts you at ease, without forcing yourself into a cut that you don't feel yours.

Otherwise you would always feel out of place!


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