White Hair: Which are the Causes and How to Fight Them?

White Hair: Which are the Causes and How to Fight Them?

Why does the hair turn white? Let's find out what are the causes of white hair and how to counter it or make it your strong point.


 White hair (or gray hair) is an obvious sign of aging.

In itself the thing is not a problem; indeed, there are those who make their white hair the hallmark of their charm (George Clooney to name one ..).

However, if you want to find out what are the causes that lead to the graying of hair, how to possibly slow down this process and what are the remedies against white hair, what treatment and / or product to use, this is the article for you.

White Hair or Gray Hair?

There is no difference between white hair and gray hair; simply, when the first white hair begins to appear, scattered here and there in the hair, they give that classic "salt & pepper" effect which at a glance results in a gray color.

Over time, all hair becomes white and the hair is thus definitively (and unequivocally) .... white

But what are the scientific causes behind the hair graying?


Why does the hair start to turn white?

It all starts when the cells responsible for hair pigmentation (i.e. the cells that give hair color) stop producing melanin (the same molecule that makes the skin tan).

There are several factors that can cause graying: among these stress (stressful lifestyle, smoking, etc.) and hormonal or nutritional factors, but more than anything else, there is a genetic predisposition at the base.

Just as it happens with hair loss, some people are more predisposed, while others not, to an early gray hair.


white hair

What to do to slow down the onset of white hair?

Sooner or later, when we get older we will all have white hair, without distinction between men and women.

But how can we slow down this process?

Surely a healthy lifestyle is an excellent ally in the fight against gray hair.

Eliminating stress factors and elements that lead to oxidative stress in our body (for example smoking) is a good start.

Furthermore, as we know, a healthy lifestyle passes primarily from a good and healthy diet.

It is therefore necessary to make all those nutrients useful to slow down the oxidative processes of the body (anti-free radical substances) and therefore contribute to a healthy life cycle of the hair.

Polygonum Multiflorum, also known as Shou Wou in Chinese medicine, has always been one of the most used plants for hair care to maintain its original color.

Substances such as Omega 3 (present in large quantities in foods such as fishes) Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which we find in cereals, citrus fruits and other vegetables and fruits, Biotin (which is found abundantly in eggs, dairy products, peanuts) and finally minerals such as Selenium, Silicon and Copper, all contribute differently to hair health and to slow down aging.

In particular, some studies have shown that deficiencies of vitamins B (B-6 and B-12) Vitamin D, Biotin and Vitamin E, can lead to premature graying of the hair.

Low levels of ferritin and of good blood cholesterol (HDL) also contribute to premature graying.

It is therefore clear that a proper nutrition that brings the right level of nutrients is of fundamental importance to delay this process.


white hair


The make-up of white hair

In addition to an healthy nutrition, the only real option for the treatment of white or gray hair that gradually becomes more and more numerous, is to resort to coloring or to a coverage with specific products.

This is obviously a "make-up" (we could define it as make-up for hair) as none of these products is able to stimulate the production of melanin in the hair that no longer produces it; however they have the advantage of being immediately effective, at least aesthetically.

For many years there have been on the market the classic solutions: chemical colors that can be made by your hairdresser or, in some cases, even at home without particular difficulties.

There are also alternatives of natural origin such as henna-based colors, oils, herbs and infusions.

However, in the last few years, entirely new and immediately usable products have appeared on the market that can effectively perform this function.

white hair

First of all hair coloring sprays.

The Kmax Color Spray contains aerosol pigments that, properly mixed by shaking the bottle before use, result in a very valuable touch-up to hide and cover white hair and the regrowth of the roots of colored hair.

Its particular formulation offers a strong hold, a quick drying and it helps to protect the hair from the aggressions of external physical and chemical agents thanks to the film-forming components it contains.

In addition, the water-resistant formula allows it to be comfortably used even when it rains or in environments with high humidity levels such as saunas or gyms, and can be easily removed by using a mild shampoo.

We already talked about how to hide white hair regrowth with coloring sprays in our May 2020 article.

But hair fibers and hair foundation can also be used effectively for this purpose.

If you are more familiar with this type of product rather than with the coloring sprays, you can use the fibers and / or the foundation for a quick touch up of the regrowth, giving at the same time an hair thickening effect.


The "final" solution

If none of these solutions satisfy you, or more simply you do not have time or desire to devote yourself to these remedies for white / gray hair, do you have considered the alternative of accepting them as a distinctive element of your age (which does not necessarily mean "aging" , but also "experience" and "maturity"), to live your new appearance in harmony and, why not, make it an additional and distinctive element of your look, just like some Hollywood stars?

In fact, white hair, if worn with the right self-esteem and with the most suitable hairstyle for the shape of the face, can become an element of great charm, both for men and for women. Why not? ... Try it!


white hair


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Summer is coming to an end and hair loss may begin: let’s find out in our next blog article which are the causes of the seasonal effluvium.


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