Can Kmax keratin fibers be used after a hair transplant?

In the immediate post-surgery period, when scabs and scarrings still persist in the scalp, it is advisable not to apply any foreign body or foreign substance except for specific humectants and disinfectants (it is the normal rule to keep wounds clean and related medical treatment).  Once the "acute" phase of the immediate post-surgery period has been overcome, the hair fibers can be used gradually and normally again. In this case, the fact that the Kmax keratin fibers are totally natural, with no added chemicals of any kind, and being dermatologically tested, makes them the most suitable for the use in these delicate situations. This rule also applies to the Kmax fixing spray. Being alcohol-based, it is advisable to let the acute phase of the immediate post-surgery phase pass and then, once the clinical picture is stabilized, to regularly resume its normal use.

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