How can I apply Kmax keratin microfibers precisely?

The best way to apply Kmax hair fibers precisely is to use the right tools. To ensure professional application and a natural result, Kmax has designed a line of tailor-made accessories that includes:

Kmax Concealing Professional Applicator: has been specially designed to apply Kmax keratin fibers on small areas such as the hairline and temples with extreme care, maximum professionalism and without wasting the product;

Kmax Concealing Applicator - Black Edition: spray dispenser designed to apply keratin microfibers precisely on the most empty and thinned areas of the hair;

Kmax Concealing Enhancer: the Kmax finishing comb ideal for framing the face and replicating the natural hairline, allowing a natural effect and avoiding leaving residues on the forehead, cheeks or neck.

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