Kmax products can improve hair growth?

The Kmax stimulating line has been specially created to help stimulate hair regrowth and reduce hair loss, through specific active ingredients in high concentration.

Kmax Stimulating Supplement Anti DHT is a food supplement specifically formulated for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. Its main natural extracts such as serenoa repens, beta sitosterol, nettle and zinc, help to control the levels of DHT, the hormone responsible for the process of miniaturization of the hair follicle shortening the growth phase of the hair until the total disappearance of the hair itself. Low levels of DHT therefore help reduce hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth.


Kmax Stimulating Follicle Spray is a specific lotion for thinning hair and for an irritated and itchy scalp. Its high concentration of copper peptides makes it suitable as a complement to pharmacological lotions for hair regrowth therapies, to restore a healthy condition of the scalp and treat dandruff and flaking problems.


Kmax Hair Growth Therapy Spray is the new Kmax spray lotion for a topical and intensive treatment aimed at stimulating the natural hair regrowth cycle. Based on an innovative formula, it combines high-dose active ingredients such as Triaminodil, azelaic acid, beta sitosterol, zinc sulfate, vitamin B6, caffeine and nigella sativa for a synergical action against the causes of hair loss. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, restores the normal hair growth cycle and inhibits the production of DHT, the hormone responsible for the miniaturization of the hair follicle, involved in androgenetic alopecia.

Kmax Stimulating Shampoo is a precious cleanser specially developed to cleanse the hair and at the same time counteract hair loss. Its formulation - enriched with the best stimulating and anti-hair loss agents, such as Triaminodil, azelaic acid, beta sitosterol, peppermint, vitamin B6, caffeine and other more - stimulates healthy hair regrowth and helps revitalize the microcirculation of the scalp, providing nutrients to the hair follicle and giving brightness and strength to the hair. Aloe vera and Jojoba oil moisturize and nourish by restoring the correct hydrolipidic film of the scalp.

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