Hair fibers are micronized fibers of pure keratin. When applied on the hair they give immediately the appearance of a thicker and voluminous hair look because thanks to their electrostatic charge they remain bonded to the natural hair making them looking fuller and concealing any sparse area

how to apply
how to apply

Get the best of the Kmax pure keratin hair fibers! Apply them always on dry hair and follow our tutorials and our tips to create your perfect hair look!

- Shake or Squeeze!

There are 2 ways of applying the Kmax hair fibers. Watch our tutorials to apply them in the best way and follow these simple guidelines:

  • for small areas use the Kmax applicator it has been specifically conceived to apply carefully the Kmax fibers on small areas like an empty hairline or on the thinning of the temples.
  • for large areas: just shake them on the larger areas of the head using the standard bottle’s sifter.

- Apply the Kmax hair fibers on dry hair

Always apply the Kmax keratin fibers on dry hair to avoid any clogging. Thanks to their electrostatic charge they will remain linked to hair shaft for hours without falling.

Use curling or flattening irons before applying the hair fibers: first get your preferred style and than cover the empty areas with the kmax hair fibers

- Use the Kmax hairline enhancer!

By using the Kmax enhancer you can apply the kmax hair fibers on specific areas in a very accurate way, framing your face without leaving any residues on the forehand or the surrounding areas.

Apply the Kmax hair fibers as a Pro and get the most natural look.

- Fix them with the kmax fixing spray

Use the Kmax concealing fixing spray to ensure an even stronger hold. It is a fine mist with a pleasant fragrance, specifically developed to increase the bond between Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers and thinning hairs all day long.

Simply spray and allow "a film" of hairspray to fall 20-30 centimetres onto your hair. The polymers contained in the formula settle evenly over your hair without making it heavy, helping the Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers to bond further to your hair, thus making it particularly indicated for resisting to water, even at the swimming pool or during the sea bath.