Kmax Concealing Applicator

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Spray dispenser that helps to easily apply keratin hair fibers to hair and scalp.

Kmax Concealing Applicator is a spray dispenser that helps to apply keratin hair fibers to hair and scalp, with even more precision and naturalness, and is particularly suitable for the frontal line. It can be used combined with Kmax Concealing Enhancer.
It fits on both Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers Regular (12.5gr) and Economy (27.5gr) sizes.


  • Remove cover and snap stopper
  • Apply the sprayer to the vial
  • Orient the dispensing nozzle to the desired area, then sprinkle at the hair attachment and apply Kmax keratin hair concealing microfibers. Complete the natural look with Kmax Concealing Fixing Spray.
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