Main Features
  • Practical pocket format 
  • Ideal to always carry with you in your pocket or bag 
  • Immediate redensifying effect 
  • 100% natural - No chemicals, no artificial colors 
  • Water resistant

Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers Pocket Size

Kmax hair fibers in pocket size

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Pocket Size - 5 bottles 3gr. each

All the best of Kmax keratin microfibers enclosed in a practical pocket format (5pcs. 3gr. Case). They mask any thinning hair in seconds, add thickness to fine hair and hide empty areas of the scalp. 

  • Practical pocket format 
  • Ideal to always carry with you in your pocket or bag 
  • Immediate redensifying effect 
  • 100% natural - No chemicals, no artificial colors 
  • Water resistant

Pocket Size - 5 bottles 3gr. each

All the best of Kmax keratin microfibers enclosed in a practical pocket format (5pcs. 3gr. Case). They mask any thinning hair in seconds, add thickness to fine hair and hide empty areas of the scalp. 

We have enclosed the best of Kmax keratin microfibers in a practical pocket format so that you can create a precise and well-finished look anywhere and in a few seconds.
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Hair fibers (or keratin microfibers) are one of the most used and appreciated hair make-up products by both men and women. By electrostatically binding to the hair, they are able to give a thicker and healthier effect to the hair in a few seconds. They conceal any thinning, from the slightest to the most marked, and hide any empty area, from the hairline to the areas affected by androgenetic baldness


The final effect is absolutely natural, just like Kmax fibers. They do not contain any chemicals or artificial dyes. They are ideal for any day, as they are resistant to water, rain and sweat

The new pocket format consists of 5 practical 3g bottles of keratin microfibers each. Its small size allows you to carry hair fibers everywhere: in your pocket, in your pouch, in your purse, in your bag (even the smallest one).
On vacation, at an event or at a dinner with friends, whatever the occasion, with Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers Pocket Size the hair will be flawless in a few moments
Just like the other formats of Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers (5g, 15g, 32g and 64g), the pocket-sized hair fibers are also available in 9 different colors so as to obtain a natural final result, whatever the color of your hair.
Kmax hair fibers are the only ones in the world based on a 100% natural formula, dermatologically tested and free of dyes and preservatives.
They are produced in Italy according to the most up-to-date quality certificates.
Discover all the accessories for Kmax fibers to apply them in the best possible way, avoiding waste and for an impeccable result:



Just like your hair, it is a protein of animal origin. kmax keratin fibers are obtained through a complex manufacturing process up to obtaining tiny and very light fibers, the same color as the hair, which have the ability to bind electrostatically and mechanically to the keratin structure of your hair.



Natural hygroscopic molecule added to the Kmax formula in extremely small quantities, has the purpose of preventing the fibers from absorbing moisture and making them more flowing, preventing them from agglomerating making it difficult to come out of the bottle and to apply it.

Just as with any format of Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers (except the 64g Refill Bag), it is important to shake the bottle well before using it. Moreover, this is the reason why all Kmax bottles are not completely filled.
This empty space is necessary to vigorously shake the product so as to produce the electrostatic charge necessary for the fibers to attach themselves to the hair.
However, the quantity of product present in the bottle is always slightly greater than that stated on the package


Immediately after shaking the bottle, it is necessary to remove both the cap and the protective white label below. Now that the holes in the sieve are visible, you are ready to use!



It is advisable to keep a distance of about 10 cm to allow the hair fibers to pass through the appropriate holes and settle on the hair.
Depending on your thinning areas and needs, dispense the keratin fibers directly from the bottle or using one of the practical kmax dispensers for an even more targeted and precise application, until you obtain complete masking and the desired final effect.


how to
how to
To remove the fibers, on the other hand, it will be sufficient to carry out a normal wash with Kmax Volumizing Shampoo, Kmax Stimulating Shampoo or any other delicate shampoo.

extra hints

  • To replicate the natural hairline on the front line, use Kmax Concealing Enhancer, the special trimmer comb.

  • To increase the hold of the hair fibers, use Kmax Concealing Fixing Spray, the fixing hairspray that strengthens the electrostatic bonds between fibers and hair.


(we have selected/developed this product because..)

It may happen that you have to bring Kmax fibers with you for a special evening, for an appointment or for a particular event.

Here then is the pocket size of Kmax in the small 3gr bottle. it is optimal to put it directly in your pocket, bag or wherever it is more practical.

The box contains 5 bottles

Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers is a revolutionary finely textured fiber substance that binds electrostatically to your existing thinning, fine and semitransparent hair, producing an incredible thickening effect in a matter of seconds and concealing the shiny areas of the scalp.


Hair immediately looks thicker and hair thinning is no longer evident, meaning that the user no longer has to worry about unsightly thinning when around others, whether in the workplace, at important ceremonies and events or under bright lights. Some people in showbusiness and famous actors use this kind of product to produce the appearance of thicker hair and hide light being reflecting off the scalp.

Ideal for women, too!

Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers can also be used successfully to tackle thinning hair in women. As a matter of fact, a growing number of women are plagued by the problem of thinning and fine hair

This product makes an incredible "psychological" contribution. Hair actually looks thicker straight away and there are no visible bald patches between thinning hair, allowing users to live more serenely with their hair problem if they have undertaken a regrowth treatment that will take many months before they see results, or during periods of particularly noticeable hair loss (seasonal hair loss in spring and autumn). It can be very useful in releasing the person from the anxiety that often comes with hair loss and that, at the same time, can compound the problem.

This is why dermatologists recommend the product to their patients and why it is also used during the post hair transplant healing process to conceal the tiny scabs that can form in the days immediately following surgery.

Customer Questions
Can i comb my hair after applying the hair fibers?

Yes, but we do not recommend the use of a narrow toothed comb, which could disperse the applied fibers, but a wide toothed comb.

Are Kmax hair fibers really effective?

Yes, Kmax hair fibers allow you to hide thinning in an effective, fast and economical way. Thanks to their electrostatic charge, they bind to natural hair, integrating perfectly with the hair, giving an immediate effect of density. Kmax keratin fibers are dermatologically tested and 100% natural, without the addition of artificial colors or preservatives. Even a few centimeters away, their application is not noticeable!

How should I apply the fibers if I have streaks?

Choosing the color of the Kmax hair fibers keratin fibers based on the color present at the hairline.

In areas where there is no hair, can I use kmax hair fibers?

No, for the Kmax hair fibers Kmax keratin fibers to remain in position it is necessary to have a minimum amount of hair, even a thin hair, so that the electrostatic bonds that guarantee its attachment are activated. For hair-free areas we recommend the use of the Kmax hair fibers Kmax Scalp Shader, specially created to mask the shiny areas of the scalp.

Can the fibers be used with any hair type?

Yes, the Kmax hair fibers Kmax keratin fibers are effective on any type of hair.

What is the recommended frequency of use?

There is no a recommended frequency of use, use is simply as needed. Kmax hair fibers can be safely used every day, being 100% natural and dermatologically tested.

What are the differences between Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers and Scalp Shader products?

These are two different products that can work in a complementary way. Kmax keratin fibers are used to hide thinning and baldness, they are completely natural keratin microfibers, without added dyes or preservatives, which electrostatically bind to natural hair to give an immediate thickening effect. The Kmax Scalp Shader is a hair foundation that is used to mask the shiny areas of the scalp, to replicate the color of the hair where it is no longer there. They can be used in a complementary way to hide the thinning in an optimal way.

What are Kmax keratin hair fibers?

Kmax hair fibers are natural keratin fibers, the same protein that makes up the structure of our hair and keeps it strong and healthy. Being micronized and electrostatically charged, they are able to bond to the hair shaft, instantly making it thicker, filling the gaps between thinning hair and thus providing immediate extra volume.

What are the ingredients of Kmax keratin hair fibers?

Kmax fibers are 100% natural. They are composed of only two ingredients: keratin (99.9%) and silica (a natural anti-caking agent whose percentage is much less than 0.1%), thus guaranteeing an extremely natural result. This is the main difference compared to other hair fibers made with plant materials such as cotton or made with synthetic material such as rayon, nylon, etc., which due to their composition in which chemicals are present appear unnatural on the hair, with a tendency to fall, to agglomerate and to move easily.

Are Kmax keratin hair fibers dermatologically tested?

Yes, they are dermatologically tested and completely made in Italy according to the strictest rules, regulations and quality controls, such as the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, as a further guarantee for users.

Can Kmax keratin hair fibers cause perspiration problems or allergies?

Absolutely not! Kmax hair fibers are non-toxic and allow perfect skin transpiration. They also do not contain any additional chemical ingredients, such as preservatives, dyes or other chemicals, totally respecting the hair and skin and avoiding potential risks of allergies.

How long does a single application of Kmax hair keratin fibers last?

Kmax keratin fibers bind electrostatically to the hair and remain in place until the hair is washed with a shampoo capable of breaking the electrostatic bonds created

How can I apply Kmax keratin hair fibers precisely?

Using the two specific accessories: the Kmax applicator capable of delivering fibers on small areas and the special Kmax comb. The applicator for Kmax keratin fibers has been specifically designed to apply them carefully and very precisely on small areas such as the hairline or temples. This method allows you to apply the hair fibers only where there is a need to achieve a uniform and natural look through an effective spray delivery. The kmax concealing enhancer (our comb) is instead ideal for framing the face by replicating the shape of the natural hairline, to give an extremely natural effect without leaving residues on the forehead, neck or cheeks.

What happens if the hair fibers are inhaled?

Kmax hair fibers are 100% natural, dermatologically tested and safe. There have been no reported side effects in contact with the mouth or eye passages. However, they are NOT designed to be inhaled or ingested.

How to choose the most suitable color for my hair?

Kmax hair fibers are available in 9 shades, from black to white, passing through the different shades of brown, chestnut / auburn, blond and gray, with slight gradations of difference from one shade to another, to suit all colors hair. Our advice is to choose a slightly darker shade of the natural hair color at the root.

If I can't find the right hair fiber color, can I mix two different colors?

Of course, it is possible and it is the best way to find your own unique and personal color. In the case of salt and pepper hair, the white and black colored fibers can be mixed to achieve the same effect.

Can Kmax hair fibers be used to cover the regrowth of color treated hair?

Of course, they can be perfectly used to cover the roots of dyed hair when it grows back, to hide the color difference. If the re-growth is very evident and widespread on the entire hair, it is advisable to apply the fibers in combination with the colored spray Kmax Color spray, available in different shades, specifically indicated to cover the regrowth of roots and gray hair with a simple gesture. . In this case, first dispense the color Spray evenly, shaking the bottle vigorously before use, wait a few minutes for the product to dry and then proceed with the application of the Kmax keratin fibers.

How long does one bottle of Kmax keratin fibers last?

It depends both on the type of thinning to be hidden and on the frequency of use. On average, with daily use on a medium-sized thinning, an economy bottle lasts two to three months.

How many applications can I do with a bottle of Kmax keratin fibers?

Kmax hair fibers are available in different sizes:

POCKET: 3g bottle: about 5-7 applications
TRY ME: 5 g bottle: about 15 applications
REGULAR: bottle of 15 g: about 45 applications
ECONOMY: 32 g bottle: about 95 applications
REFILL: 64 gr refill: about 190 applications

The number of applications is estimated and depends on the frequency and size of the bald area.

Can Kmax hair fibers be used in combination with other styling products or tools?

Yes, absolutely, but pay attention to the procedure! Hair gels must be applied first and dried before applying the fibers: the keratin fibers must always be applied to dry hair to prevent agglomeration and to allow their electrostatic charge to create strong bonds with the hair. Even curling irons and straighteners should be used before applying the fibers: first proceed with styling and then cover the thinning areas with kmax hair fibers. Lacquers and fixing sprays can instead be applied after the keratin hair fibers to fix them better, in particular the Kmax fixing spray has been specifically designed to improve the electrostatic bonds between the fibers and the hair to ensure an even stronger and longer lasting hold.

How can Kmax hair keratin fibers be removed?

Simply washing your hair with a shampoo.

What happens to Kmax keratin fibers if they get wet in the rain?

If the product is applied correctly, nothing! Thanks to their electrostatic charge, Kmax hair fibers are water resistant, which means they are able to withstand rain, water and sweat. For an even stronger hold, we recommend completing the application with the Kmax fixing spray: its specific formulation increases the strength of the electrostatic bond of the Kmax keratin fibers with the hair, ensuring greater hold on the fibers even in wind and rain conditions.

When swimming, do the Kmax keratin fibers detach?

Kmax keratin fibers are water resistant, so they will not go away while swimming, however they will be removed when you wash your hair with a shampoo. Without using a cleansing shampoo, you'll probably only need a touch-up after your swim, but most of the Kmax keratin fibers will stay in place. Clearly it depends on the type of swim: with a simple swim in the sea to cool off nothing happens, while a prolonged swim could remove a part of the fibers present, making a small retouching necessary.

Can Kmax hair fibers stain pillows or blankets?

When applied correctly and in the right quantity, the Kmax keratin fibers remain electrostatically bonded to the hair in a firm way, leaving no traces on pillows, blankets or clothes. The use of Kmax Fixing Spray further increases the strength of the fibers, making them firm even in rain or wind conditions.

If you touch your hair, do the Kmax keratin fibers stay on your fingers?

NO! If the Kmax keratin fibers are applied correctly and in the right quantity, the result is not influenced by the gestures of everyday life such as running your hands through your hair, wearing hats or helmets, walking in the presence of wind.

Why is the bottle of Kmax keratin fibers not filled completely?

The bottles are never filled to the brim, but the amount of fibers contained within them is always slightly higher than that shown in the package, because the packaging machinery is calibrated to a greater quantity than expected. The bottle is not filled completely because there is the empty space necessary to vigorously shake the product producing the electrostatic charge necessary for the fibers to attach themselves to natural hair.

Can Kmax keratin fibers be used after a hair transplant?

In the immediate post-operative period, when scabs and scarring conditions still persist in the scalp, it is advisable not to apply any foreign body or foreign substance except for specific wetting and disinfectant substances (it is the normal rule to keep wounds clean and related dressing). It is equally evident that, once the "acute" phase of the immediate post-operative phase has been overcome, the capillary fibers can return to being used gradually and normally. In this case, the fact that the Kmax keratin fibers are totally natural with no added chemicals and being dermatologically tested, makes them the most suitable for use in these delicate situations. This rule also applies to the Kmax fixing spray. Being alcohol-based, it is advisable to let the acute phase of the immediate post-operative phase pass and then, once the clinical picture is stabilized, to regularly resume normal use.

Can Kmax keratin fibers be used in pregnancy?

Kmax keratin fibers, being made exclusively with natural keratin, have no contraindications in pregnancy, as they are not absorbed in any way by the scalp. It is a hypoallergenic product for external use, without any chi dye

Can kmax be used every day? or does it damage the scalp in the long run?

Kmax keratin fibers, being dermatologically tested natural keratin fibers, can be used safely every day.

Hi, how can I figure out the right amount and method of application to avoid unpleasant effects, such as drip color if you get your hair wet in the rain or from sweat, and any stains on hands and pillows if in contact with your hair?

You can use the specially designed fiber applicator to carefully apply hair fibers precisely to small areas such as the hairline or temples. This method allows you to apply the hair fibers only where you need them to achieve a uniform and natural look. It is very important to shake the bottle before use so that the fibers electrostatically bond to the hair and remain in place until the hair is washed with a shampoo.

Hi, I would like to know if all formats are equipped with a spray applicator (useful for small areas) or only the 64 gr format. Thank you

The spray applicator can be purchased separately for the 5 - 15 - 32 gram Kmax fiber bottles, and is suitable for applying the fibers precisely to small areas and the hairline. The 64 gram format does not include the applicator as it is only a refill bag, the contents of which must be placed inside a previously purchased bottle.

Hi, I have a 5gr jar and I would like to take the 64gr refill. But the sieve cannot be removed. How can I fill them with El fibers from the refill?

The sieve (perforated sprinkler cap) is wedged on the pressure can during production, to avoid accidental opening with consequent product spillage. The removal can be hard but with a little practice and strength, moving the sprinkler itself back and forth and while lifting it slowly, the sieve can be removed. To reinsert it, firmly press the sieve vertically back onto the jar.

Can Kmax Color Spray be used together with keratin microfibers?

Yes, of course, to increase the volume and filling effect. First proceed with the application of Kmax color spray to give color uniformity, wait for it to dry (5/10 minutes) and then apply the Kmax keratin fibers on perfectly dry hair so that they can bind to natural hair without creating lumps, to give filling and an immediate thick effect.

Hi, using minoxidil only 1 application per day, can I safely use keratin fibers ??? I wouldn't want minoxidil not to be absorbed by the scalp, considering I shampoo my hair every three days. Thank you very much

Yes, there are no contraindications in this regard. The fibers are subsequently applied to the minoxidil, once the product has dried. If there are fibers already present on the scalp, the application of minoxidil and the distribution of the product with the fingertips can remove some of the fibers that will subsequently be reintegrated, but this does not affect the absorption of minoxidil by the scalp.

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