Kmax Daily Routine

Does the perfect hair makeup really exist? The answer is yes! Thanks to the wide range of Kmax products with their formats and variants it is possible to improve the hair style to perfection with a 100% natural final result!

Discover the Kmax Daily Routine of the people who habitually use our products, watch the tutorials and learn how easy and fast is to use the Kmax products to completely cover hair thinning and be at the top in every situation, every day!

Cecco Hair Fibers

Have fun with the Kmax hair fibers and feel always at your best: watch how Francesco cover in a few second his thinning and he’s always ready to go. LIve the magic on your hair!

Gil Hair Fibers + Fixing Spray

Find out how Gil uses Hair Fibers to cover the thinning areas of her hair, and Fixing Spray to get an amazing result!

Marco Scalp Shader + Fixing Spray

See how Marco conceals his thin hair in just seconds using Kmax Scalp Shader and Kmax Fixing Spray. Be always ready to go!

Giuly Hair Fibers + Fixing Spray

Giulia’s favourites! Look how she hides her emtpy line and complete her hairstyle using our Kmax hair fibers + Kmax fixing spray. Few seconds and all the empty spaces on her head are covered, and she can show perfect thick and full hair!

Cecco Hair Fibers + Enhancer

Rock and go! See how Francesco cover his hair thinning and he’s ready to meet his friends with the Kmax Hair Fibers. His colour is dark brown, which is your color?

Giuly Scalp Shader

Don't miss the opportunity to always have top hair! See how Giuly hides thinned areas in seconds using the Kmax Scalp Shader. Always be ready to go!

Gil Scalp Shader

Transform your thin eyebrow with Kmax Scalp Shader, a water resistant formula to give shape and color in just a second..the final touch for your perfect look! Live the magic!

Swami Scalp Shader

Instant restyling! Find out how Swami covers the thinning areas of his hair for an optimal result and a perfect Hair Makeup!