Protagonists of the international red carpets, runway and the star system are always impeccable, with perfect, thick, shiny hair. Their secret? The Hair Fibers.

Until recently, hair fibers have been the privilege of few people but now they can be used daily by millions of people around the world who can finally show-off thicker hair and a younger look with a simple gesture.

What are Kmax Hair Fibers?

Kmax hair fibers are fibers of natural keratin, the same protein that constitutes the structure of our hair, keeping it strong and healthy.

The keratin fibers, having the same structure of the hair, represent today’s best instant hair makeup to fill up those areas that need a “replenishment”, concealing them thoroughly, and giving an immediate fuller and younger hairlook.

How do they work?

Thanks to the most sophisticated cosmetic technologies, Kmax keratin fibers are micronized and charged electrostatically to be able to bind to the hair shafts, making them looking immediately thicker, filling the empty spaces between hair and scalp and providing in this way an immediate extra volume.

Kmax fibers are able to adhere to any type of hair, thin or thick, dry or oily, thanks to this static charge that guarantees a perfect hold: even when passing the fingers through your hair, they stay in place and the hand remains perfectly clean. They do not fall on the pillow while sleeping, and plus, they are even resistant to water, rain and sweat, while they can be simply removed by using a delicate shampoo which breaks the electrostatics bonds between hair and fibers.

“The Kmax hair fibers are 100% made of pure natural keratin and this allows the fibers themselves to perfectly stick in place looking extremely natural”

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no chemicals

100% natural and only 2 ingredients.

Kmax fibers are the only fibers available in the market 100% natural. As you can see on the label, they are made only of two ingredients: keratine (99,9 %) and silica (a natural anti-caking agent whose percentage is far below 0,1%) That means Kmax hair fibers do not contain any chemical ingredients such as preservatives, colourant or other substances, totally respecting your hair and skin and avoiding any potential risk of allergies.

This is the main difference from other hair fibers made from vegetal materials such as cotton, or made from synthetical material such as rayon, nylon, etc, that due to their composition look unnatural, fall, clump and easily shift away or onto the scalp.

Deriving from a 100 % natural coloured source (with no additional chemical colorants), Kmax keratin fibers have a texture and appearance almost identical to the natural hair, guaranteeing the best quality when compared to other fibers available on the market.

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“no bluish or reddish or any unnatural glare under sunlight or spotlights given by the mixed used of chemical colorants!”

Completely made in Italy for over 15 years, according to the most strict rules, regulations and quality controls and certifications, such as Good Manufacturing Practice certification (GMP), Kmax fibers are widely appreciated and used by thousands of men and women around the world, and they are dermatologically tested, as a further guarantee for user.

Check out all the available colors and accessories for the best application and your kmax daily routine.

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