How long does a Kmax flacon last?

It is subjective and depends on both the type of the thinning to hide and the frequency of use. On average, with daily use on medium sized thinning, a flacon lasts nearly 2 months. If the applications are not on a regular daily base, or the area is limited, a bottle can last for several months.


Three dimensions are available:
- 12,50g flacon: approx 30 applications, depending on frequency
- 27,50gr flacon: approx 70 applications, depending on frequency
- 55gr refill: approx 140 applications, depending on frequency
Number of applications depend on frequency and dimension of the bald area.

How long does a single hair fiber application last?

Simply untili you don't wash your hair with a shampoo

How do I choose the color that best suits my hair?

Just refer to the color chart on the purchase page; Black color is suitable for those who have black hairy hairs, while the shades in the range of brown are very similar and represent only slight different gradations in brown tones. Auburn color have a light "reddish" component.

How can I apply more precisely the hair fibers?

We recommend to use Kmax Concealing Applicator (spray dispenser) and / or Kmax Concealing Enhancer (comb).

If I don't find the right color, can i mix two different kmax colors?

Sure, it is possible.

How do I remove hair fibers?

Simply washing your hair with a shampoo.

Instructions and properties - hair fibers

What happen if it rains?

If the product is applied correctly nothing! Moreover, if you wish to have a perfect application resistance, you might consider to use Kmax fixing spray.

Can I use hair fibers together with other lotions or treatments?

Yes, you can use Kmax with other treatments. Pay attention, in case of lotions, it's better to apply them before applying fibers.

Can hair fibers stain pillows or blankets?

If applied correctly, the Kmax hair fibers are electrostatically bound to hair and remain firmly attached, not staining any pillow, blanket or dress.

If I put my hand on my hair, does it get dirty?

NO! If the product is applied correctly and in the right amount, the result is not affected by everyday life gestures: hand in the hair, hat, helmet, etc ...

Hair Fibers can give skin transpiration problems?

Absolutely not. K-max is absolutely non-toxic and microfibers, even if very small, are very large if compared to the molecules that can cross the skin's pores.

Which are the Kmax fibers ingredients?

Kmax fibers are 100% natural and dermatologically tested, without added colorant.

What happens when hair fibers are inhaled?

Kmax hair fibers are 100% natural, dermatologically tested and safe. No counter-effects have been reported when in contact with air or ocular ways. In case of problems, just rinse mouth or ey


Kmax products can improve hair growth?

KMAX Stimulating Supplement anti-dht is a dietary supplement for hair loss, androgenetic baldness treatment containing the main anti-dht natural extracts and antioxidant.
Other Kmax products like hair fibers and Kmax Scalp Shader don't provide improvements to hair regrowth, but they are a valuable remedy to mask bald or thinned spots.

Can I use more kmax products at the same time?

Yes, Kmax products can be used together and combined. Often, for examples, our customers combine Kmax hair fibers with Kmax scalp shader.

How to apply Kmax scalp shader?

Use Kmax Scalp Topical Shader on the clean and dry scalp. You can also proceed on damp hair. Dampen the sponge under water. Pass the wet sponge over the product disk. With the sponge, apply the product to the scalp. Dab the scalp and hair sections, colouring small areas at a time. Remove any smudges or product excess with a damp cloth. Allow the product to dry, and if you normally use a hairdryer, set it to a low temperature and a slow speed. Otherwise, brush or comb the hair for a few minutes, which will accelerate the drying time. The hair roots are the last to dry, therefore, ensure you brush the hair right down to the root. This helps optimize hair volume.

How to use the Kmax supplement anti dht?

Take 2-4 capsules a day at meal times with plenty of water.

How Kmax supplement anti-dht helps with hair regrowth?

It contains the most important plants' extracts that reduce the formation of DHT, hormone responsible for the androgenetic hair loss.

Purchases and Deliveries

How can i pay?

Payments can be done via wire transfer, paypal or credit card

How can i place an order?

You can buy directly from our store or, if you wish, you can get in contact with our customer service.

In how long to i get my products?

Normally in Italy you'll receive your package in 24/48 hours. We use only selected express carrier.