Kmax products can improve hair growth?

Kmax stimulating line has been specifically conceived to help the stimulation of the hair regrowth and reduce the hair loss, by acting directly on the metabolism of the hair follicle with specific active ingredients. KMAX Stimulating Supplement anti-dht is a dietary supplement for hair loss and the androgenetic baldness treatment, containing the main anti-dht natural extracts and antioxidant. It contains the most important plants' extracts that reduce the formation of DHT, the hormone responsible for the androgenetic hair loss. Refer to the product presentation to get exhaustive information about all the active ingredient it contains.

Can I use many kmax products at the same time?

Yes, Kmax products work at their best when combined together. Follow our Kmax daily routine tips and discover how to combine The kmax hair fibers with the Kmax scalp shader or the Kmax root colour spray to get the best concealing effect. To get a complete hair care, discover the kmax stimulating line products, to reduce hair loss and stimulate the hair regrowth, and the Kmax volumizing line products for your daily hair care..

Where can I find out how to apply the different Kmax products?

Explore our Kmax daily routine page and discover how to apply each of the Kmax products.

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