Is the Kmax Stimulating Supplement Anti Dht suitable for women or are there any contraindications?

In general, the active ingredient Serenoa repens can be taken by both sexes who experience hair loss due to a diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia. Since female androgenetic alopecia is very rare, a visit to a dermatologist expert in trichology is always recommended as hair loss in women is often due to various factors (for example iron and / or vitamin / mineral deficiency, thyroid problems , telogen effluvium etc) As reported in the warnings of the package according to the indications of the Ministry of Health, the intake of products based on Serenoa Repens which is a mild anti androgen is not recommended for women of childbearing age, not so much for problems related to those who takes the product but rather for the fact that the active ingredients with anti-DHT action must be discontinued during pregnancy. It is therefore always advisable to consult with your doctor. To stimulate hair regrowth, without interfering with female physiological processes, the Annurca apple-based products of the Vitaminity line are also indicated The action of this active ingredient is different from that of Serenoa Repens. In fact, if Serenoa Repens has an effective anti-DHT action in cases of androgenetic alopecia, the Annurca Apple, thanks to the active ingredient procyanidin B2, has a generic effect of stimulating the hair growth. In fact, it acts on the hair bulb in particular as a promoter of the proliferation of bulbar cells, prolonging the anagen phase of the hair follicular cycle, increasing the biosynthesis of keratin and stimulating the stem cells of the outer root sheath.

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