What are the keratin fibers?

Kmax keratin fibers are fibers of natural keratin, the same protein that constitutes the structure of our hair and keeps it strong and healthy. Being micronized and charged electrostatically, they are able to bind to the hair shafts, making them looking immediately thicker, filling the empty spaces between hair and scalp and providing in this way an immediate extra volume.

Which are the Kmax fibers ingredients?

Kmax fibers are 100% natural. They are made only of two ingredients: keratin (99,9 %) and silica (a natural anti-caking agent whose percentage is far below 0,1%), guaranteeing in this way an extremely natural look. This is the main difference from other hair fibers made from vegetal materials such as cotton, or made from synthetic material such as rayon, nylon, etc, that due to their composition and added chemicals look unnatural on the hair, fall, clump and easily shift away or onto the scalp.

Are they dermatologically tested?

Yes they are dermatologically tested and completely made in Italy according to the most strict rules, regulations and quality controls, such as the Good Manufacturing Practice certification (GMP), as a further guarantee for users.

Hair Fibers can give transpiration problems or allergies?

Absolutely not! Kmax hair fibers are non-toxic and even if micronized, they are still very large if compared to the molecules that can cross the skin's pores, allowing the perfect skin perspiration. Furthermore they do not contain any added chemical ingredients such as preservatives, colourant or other substances, totally respecting your hair and skin and avoiding any potential risks of allergies.

How long does a single hair fiber application last?

Kmax hair fibers electrostatically bond with the hair and remain in place until the hair is washed with a shampoo able to break their electrostatic bonds with the hair.

How can I apply the Kmax hair fibers in a very precise way?

The Kmax concealing applicator has been specifically conceived to carefully apply the hair fibers in a very precise way on small areas like hairline, temples, and widow’s peak. Use this application method to apply the hair fibers only where you need them to get an uniform and natural hair look. The kmax enhancer is ideal to apply the hair fibers on specific areas in a very accurate way, framing your face without leaving any residues on the forehand and or the surrounding areas.

What happens if hair fibers are inhaled?

Kmax hair fibers are 100% natural, dermatologically tested and safe. No counter-effects have been reported when in contact with the mouth or ocular ways. In any case, they are NOT meant to be inhaled or eaten.

How do I choose the color that best suits my hair?

Kmax hair fibers are available in 9 shades, from black to white, passing through the different shades of brown, auburn, blonde and grey, with only slight different gradations from one tone to the other, to match almost all hair color tones. Our suggestion is to choose a shade slightly darker than your natural hair color at the roots.

If I don't find the right hair fibers color, can I mix two different colors?

Sure, it is possible and it is the best way to find your own personal shade. If you have salt and pepper hair, you can also mix black and white color to get the same effect.

Can Kmax hair fibers be used to cover color treated hair regrowth?

Sure, they can be perfectly used to cover the hair roots of dyed hair when they regrowth, to hide the difference in color. For this purpose it is ideal to first apply the Kmax Root color spray, our coloured spray available in different shades to cover root regrowth and gray hair with a simple gesture.

How long does a Kmax flacon last?

It depends on both the type of the thinning to hide and on the frequency of use. On average, with daily use on medium sized thinning, a regular bottle lasts nearly 2 months.

How many applications can I do with a bottle?

Kmax hair fibers are available in different bottle sizes: TRY ME: 5 g bottle: approx 10 applications REGULAR: 15 g bottle: approx 30 applications ECONOMY: 32 gr bottle: approx 70 applications REFILL: 64 gr refill: approx 140 applications Number of applications are estimated and depend on frequency and dimension of the bald area.

Can the Kmax hair fibers be used in combination with other styling products or tools?

Yes they can, but always remember to apply the hair fibers on dry hair to avoid the clogging of the fibers and to allow their electrostatic charge to create strong bonds with the hair. Moreover, use curling or flattening irons before applying the hair fibers:! this is the way: first get your preferred style and than cover the empty areas with the kmax hair fibers. Kmax fixing spray is the only product that can be applied after the hair fibers since it has been specifically conceived to enhance their electrostatic bonds to get an even stronger and long lasting hold.

How can hair fibers be removed?

Simply washing your hair with a shampoo!

What happens if it rains?

If the product is applied correctly nothing! Thanks to their electrostatic charge Kmax hair fibers are water resistant, that means they are able to resist rain, water and perspiration. For an even stronger hold apply the Kmax fixing spray: its specific formulation increases the strength of the hair fibers’ bond with the hair and ensure the longest hold.

When swimming the hair fibers will go away?

Kmax hair fibers are water resistant so they will not go away during the swim, however they will be removed when washing the hair with a shampoo. Without using a cleansing shampoo, after the swim you will probably need just a touch up but the most of the hair fibers will remain in place.

Can hair fibers stain pillows or blankets?

If applied correctly and in the right quantity, the Kmax hair fibers remain electrostatically bonded to the hair and so firmly attached, not staining any pillow, blanket or dress.

If I touch my hair with my fingers, do they get dirty?

NO! If the product is applied correctly and in the right amount, the result is not affected by everyday life gestures: hand in the hair, hat, helmet, etc ...

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