Monthly Archives: April 2021

  1. April 26, 2021

    Post hair transplant: the new specific Kmax products

    Have you just had a hair transplant? Take care of your hair and scalp with Kmax Healing Hair Transplant Post Surgery Kit, the new set of products designed specifically for post hair transplantation.
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  2. April 21, 2021

    Seasonal hair loss: the routine to stimulate growth

    During the change of seasons, it is normal to lose more hair than usual. Here's how to effectively combat hair loss with a perfect stimulating routine.
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  3. April 12, 2021

    Men’s haircuts: 4 ways + 1 to mask baldness

    The right haircut can make the difference when you begin to notice the first noticeable thinning typical of baldness. Here are the best men's haircuts to try immediately to hide baldness and an extra golden tip that could change your every look.
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