Christmas gift ideas: the beauty for her and for him

Christmas gift ideas: the beauty for her and for him

Still looking for the perfect gift? For a Christmas full of beauty, this year choose Kmax! Here are the best Christmas gift ideas to impress Her and Him.


Christmas gifts: a special idea for each one

"Which gift can I make for Christmas?". This is the question that rings repeatedly in anyone’s mind during these weeks of frantic rush to gifts. We think of how we could surprise daddy, make the mother-in-law happy, amaze the wife, remember the friend. In short, satisfying everyone seems impossible.

This year don’t buy the same old red candle. Fortunately, there is something that everyone needs and that is all too often underestimated in importance. This year give the people you love a Christmas of beauty. Taking care of yourself and carving out a personal moment, especially in a particularly difficult historical period like this, is the most precious gift we can give ourselves. That’s why we have selected our best products, perfect to make a present that could be an hymn to beauty and wellness


Christmas gift ideas for her 




Career women, wives, mothers, daughters, mothesr-in-law, friends, neighbors.. If we told you that this year you could surprise them all? There is a perfect Christmas gift for whoever she is. These are our proposals for a Christmas covered of beauty.


For a woman who loves her hair 

Most women don't consider the hair only as a distinctive feature of their aesthetics, but as a real display of personality. Hair could be the symbol of sensuality, femininity, rebellion.

Taking care of the hair is part of the routine of each woman, but not all of them live this moment of everyday life in the same way. Some use the same shampoo for decades, others are constantly looking for the best new product available in the market. However, in recent years, the female gender has shown an increasing attention to quality, natural ingredients and also respect for the environment that each product of personal care promises.

That’s why, for hair beauty lovers, the volumizing shampoo of Kmax line becomes a perfect gift idea. Kmax Volumizing Shampoo is ideal for strengthening the hair and making it immediately more voluminous. With its moisturizing and restorative active ingredients, it is a mild detergent that can give brightness, softness and volume to the hair. Last but not least, it contains natural ingredients and valuable surfactants (NO SLES, NO SLS), being a shampoo that everyone who loves his hair should try.

Combine with: Kmax Volumizing Root Spray. For an even more special gift, combine the Kmax Volumizing Shampoo with its corresponding dry shampoo for volume and instant cleaning without the need to wash your hair.


For a woman who longs for perfection




If she takes care of every detail and loves to be impeccable in every occasion, the world of instant make-up is definitely the world of your lady. Probably less popular than the immense universe mad eof  lipsticks and eye shadows, the hair make-up prooves to be the perfect Christmas gift idea to amaze and fascinate.

But, what is it? The instant hair make-up is “the” choice for all people who want their hair to be perfect on every occasion, every day. A range of products designed specifically to  improve their look and mask any hair imperfection. 

For your Her, the Kmax expert team recommends as a Christmas gift the innovative Kmax Scalp Shader. A compact foundation, water-resistant and long-lasting, able to give a greater sense of fullness to the hair, as it covers the emptier and more visible areas of the scalp. Consisting exclusively of natural pigments, it is the product that can not be missed in every female beauty routine.

Combine with: Kmax Hair Fibers. The Kmax keratin microfibers are the final touch for a truly impeccable look. They mask the empty areas, hide the hair line and cover each thinning. They are 100% natural. Available in nine colors and four different sizes. Ideal for any type of Christmas gift.


For a woman who aims for eternal youth




Symbol of wisdom or emblem of the passing of time? When the first white hair appears, the female world seems to stop for a moment. Genetics, melanin reduction, aging and stress are among the main causes of the onset of early white hair. However, when you face this little trauma, the first thing you think about is how to get rid of it quickly and effectively.

The most common and well-known solution is clearly the hair dye, but it is not the only one. There are much more instant and equally effective products that can perfectly mask hair regrowth. If your She aspires to eternal youth, why not choose a real youth elixir as a Christmas gift. Amaze her with Kmax Color Spray, the product designed specifically to mask hair blemishes, hide thinning and cover the regrowth of white hair. Without artificial dyes and parabens, Kmax Color Spray is available in six different color shades to ensure all the variety of colors she can need. 

Combine with: for a perfect Christmas gift, you could combine it with Kmax Volumizing Root Spray, the volumizing dry shampoo from the Kmax line. The combination is already available by choosing the Kmax Spray Set option.


Christmas gifts ideas that he doesn’t expect 




Men also care about their appearance, much more than they sometimes want us to believe.  This Christmas give something that makes your man feel good about himself. Here are the best Christmas gift ideas for Him, no matter if he’s your brother, your father-in-law, your husband or your neighbor.


For the man who loves his hair




In a stereotypical world, women takes care of their appearance much more than men. Nothing could be more untrue. Perhaps, the female gender  on average devotes more time in a day to the beauty routine, that could be also more varied ad complete. However, even men love to take care of themselves and love their hair, although they don’t always give it to see. 

For this reason, losing hair can be just as traumatic for a man as a white hair is for a woman. Hair is part of who we are and when we lose it we face a moment that could be really difficult.

Luckily, the Kmax team has the Christmas present you’re looking for. Kmax Hair Growth Therapy is the solution for those who love their hair and want to stimulate its growth. Based on Triaminodil, Kmax Hair Growth Therapy counteracts the miniaturization of the hair follicle and stimulates the hair growth cycle. The other natural active ingredients (azelaic acid, beta sitosterol, zinc sulfate, vitamin B6, Nigella sativa and caffeine) contribute to a synergical action to fight hair loss.

Combine with: Kmax Stimulating Follicle Spray. For an unparalleled Christmas gift, combine it with this copper-peptide lotion, perfect to restore the balance of the scalp, counteract dandruff and irritation. A real cure-all for your hair.


For the man who looks after his appearance

For anyone who wants to leave the house feeling comfortable with his look. For those who want to improve their hair quickly and effectively. For those who always want to have a proper look without a hair out of place. No matter if they are women or men, the perfect gift could be the same: the Kmax Hair Fibers, the only and unique keratin microfibers without artificial dyes and without preservatives.

But, let’s take a step back. What are hair fibers (or keratin microfibers)? They are an instant hair make-up product, consisting of the same substance of which the hair is made, keratin. They bind electrostatically to the natural hair, adding an immediate sense of fullness to the look.

Kmax Hair Fibers are an instant solution to conceal those areas that appear empty and/ or with little hair. Water resistant and chemicals free, they are the essential accessory for anyone who wants an impeccable look in every occasion.

Combine with: Kmax Fixing Spray. The perfect spray to enhance the hold of Kmax keratin microfibers. An ideal Christmas combo for him.


For the man who loves the latest products




Are you looking for the perfect gift for a man who loves novelties and wants to be part of new trends? Among the original Christmas gifts ideas, the Kmax Styling Gel is on the top of the most trendy gifts.

A gel, but not a simple gel. An innovative and revolutionary product, the only one in the industry to have this specific formulation. Like all gels, it has the function to fix and keep the hair style longer. However, this is not it's only advantage. In fact, it is a gel enriched with keratin microfibers able to add fullness and volume to the entire hair look. Kmax Styling Gel is perfect for those with thin hair and for anyone who wants to experience something new.

Combine with: Kmax Hair Fibers. The best way to enhance a gel enriched with keratin microfibers? Combine it with real keratin microfibers. Volume and styling in a single gesture.


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