Anti DHT supplements: what they are and how they work

Anti DHT supplements: what they are and how they work

Anti-dht supplements are ideal allies to combat androgenetic alopecia, a valid aid to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth.


Anti-DHT supplements are among the most purchased products by those who want to fight hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. There are different types on the market but not all consumers have a clear knowledge about the physiological mechanism on which they work. To learn how to use them correctly and especially only in those cases when they can give a valuable help to the problem, it is therefore important to know them well.

In this article we will see:

  • Baldness and androgenetic alopecia
  • What is DHT
  • How DHT works on hair health
  • How anti-DHT supplements work
  • The main anti-DHT active ingredients
  • Possible side effects
  • The K-MAX stimulating supplement


Hair thinning generally begins between the ages of 15 and 40 in both sexes, although in a much less evident way in women; it can be more or less marked depending on racial, sexual and genetic factors, as well as age and also on the different locations of the scalp.


Male pattern baldness often has genetic causes and when it is linked to male hormonal factors, specifically to the DHT hormone, it is called androgenetic baldness.

In women, on the other hand, hair loss is a less common phenomenon, and when present it is mainly linked to other factors, such as stress, age, food deficiencies…. 

It is therefore important to immediately clarify a first fundamental concept: anti-dht supplements to combat hair loss are aimed exclusively at the cases of diagnosis of androgenetic baldness, because they act on the hormonal mechanisms that are at its origin. This applies to both men and women, although it is quite clear that most of those who suffer from this type of baldness are men.


What is DHT?



The abbreviation DHT indicates dihydrotestosterone, from English (di-hydro-testosterone), male hormone produced in the testicles, prostate and hair follicles. It is also present in women, but to a much lesser extent.

It is an active metabolite of testosterone, from which derives from the action of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase, an enzyme responsible for the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

DHT is involved in numerous physiological processes within our body, and as far as hair health is concerned, it is one of the intrafollicular hormones that negatively influences their regrowth cycle.


How DHT works on hair health?


Many sector studies have shown that, within certain genetically predisposed hair follicles, DHT becomes the main cause of the miniaturization of the follicle itself, and therefore of the progressive thinning of the hair. The genetic component is fundamental, because only in the hair follicles in which this genetic predisposition is present, DHT, which is normally produced in the follicles of men and women, has its negative action. The miniaturization of the hair bulb leads over time to the complete atrophy of the hair bulb and therefore to the end of the hair regrowth cycle (anagen-catagen - telogen phases) causing over the years the appearance of baldness, especially in the frontal, upper and vertex area in men, while only in the upper and central part of the head in women.


How anti-DHT supplements work?

When we talk about anti DHT supplements, we refer to those products that have found wide use in the market to decrease the levels of DHT in the blood and therefore have a anti hair fall effect to counteract androgenetic baldness, while they are ineffective to treat other types of baldness or hair loss, such as alopecia areata or seasonal effluvium that are due to completely different causes.

In fact, these supplements work by inhibiting the action of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, to inhibit the transformation of testosterone into DHT within the hair follicles, preserving their size and health. Going to act, albeit mildly, on the hormonal system they should be chosen carefully, and taken only when a dermatological diagnosis of androgenetic baldness has been made.


What are the most effective anti-DHT active ingredients?




In nature there are several substances capable of performing an anti-dht action, directly inhibiting the action of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Among these substances the best known for their demonstrated action are:

  • Beta sitoserol acts directly on 5-alpha-reductase and helps stimulate the mitosis of the hair follicle matrix, contributing to the maintenance of the anagen phase and the optimization of the catagen phase.
  • Serenoa repens, a small broad-leaved palm with dark red berries native to Florida, widely used in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia for its proven ability to inhibit the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, preserving the health and quality of the hair bulb and combating hair loss.
  • Pygeum Africanum, the African plum, whose mechanism of action is very similar to that of the Serenoa Repens, with which in many supplements it is found synergistically, to enhance its action.
  • Astaxanthin is a carotenoid with powerful antioxidant and anti-dht properties extracted from a fresh water microalga.
  • Nettle with known beneficial properties for the health of the scalp and hair, has an anti-androgenic action capable of counteracting the production of the DHT hormone.

Lycopene which, acting as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, is also used in the trichological field to combat androgenetic baldness.


Can there be any side effects?

Compared to real anti-DHT drug therapies such as finasteride, which can have side effects of a certain extent, anti-DHT supplements made with natural substances act in a milder way and have a very reduced risk of side effects. However, some side effects may occur due to an increase in estrogens, such as water retention, swelling, excess of more or less localized fat: if these symptoms occur, it is sufficient to stop taking them to gradually make the side effects disappear.



Anti-dht supplements are a very successful product on the anti-baldness products market. It remains important to evaluate them carefully, paying attention to the active ingredients they contain, preferring those that contain substances of exclusively natural and certified origin, and above all with doses of active ingredients capable of providing an adequate result.

Their anti-dht action is proven by numerous scientific studies and they certainly represent the natural alternative to anti-baldness drug therapies. With regular and continuous intake, in fact, they provide visible results by promoting hair regrowth and considerably reducing hair loss.


The Kmax stimulating supplement

dht supplements

In our specific line for the stimulation of hair regrowth, the Kmax Stimulating Supplement performs a 360 degree action thanks to a pool of certified and natural substances that perform a specific and strong anti-dht action and work synergistically to optimize results and contribute to the hair health.

Plant extracts of Serenoa Repens, Flax, Nettle, Beta-sitosterol, astaxanthin together with Silica, Copper and Zinc in fact provide a strong antioxidant action, stimulate the growth cycle by prolonging the anagen phase, and carry out a strong inhibiting action of 5-alpha- reductase.

These are certified and selected substances, dosed to provide visible results following a constant intake.

The treatment involves taking four capsules per day (preferably with meals) for a period of at least 6 months, followed by a maintenance phase taking two capsules per day, to be repeated cyclically.


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