How to protect the hair at sea

How to protect the hair at sea

Salt and sun can damage the hair making it brittle and fragile. Let's see together how to protect the hair at sea to keep it healthy and soft


Summer time, time of salt and sun, our body feeds with the sunlight and with the days spent in the open air, but our hair can be put at risk by salt water and sun rays, real aggressive agents that can make hair frizzy, dry, brittle and lead to split ends. Learning how to protect the hair at sea therefore becomes of fundamental importance to keep it soft and healthy.


In this article we will see: 

1 - Preparing your hair for the sea: vitamins and supplements to take before leaving

2 - Protecting your hair at sea: natural oils before entering the water

3 - Feeding the hair after a long exposure to salt and sun


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1- Preparing your hair for the sea: vitamins and supplements to take before leaving

To have soft hair at the beach it is important to start strengthening it before even going on vacation by using small tricks that allow the hair to arrive to the “sea challenge” already healthy and well fed.

First of all, it is better to avoid aggressive dyes and treatments such as bleaching, and limit the immoderate use of hair dryers and hair straighteners that damage the hair by undermining its structure and ruining its natural protective coating.

In addition, two / three months before leaving, it can be a valuable aid to take vitamins and antioxidant supplements that prepare the skin and hair to protect themselves from the action of the sun and free radicals, helping them to remain soft and well-fed.

Supplements with a strong antioxidant function such as those based on NAC (N-acetylcysteine) or MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) with a strong  action against free radicals are particularly useful for the well-being of the skin and hair.


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2 - Protecting your hair at sea: natural oils before entering the water

It is precisely when we are on the beach in the hours of strong exposure that salt and sun play a direct and aggressive action on the hair, and it is therefore in this moment that special attention must be paid to protect its lengths and roots.

Natural oils such as argan oil, coconut oil or wheat germ oil, rich in vitamin E and nutrients, are able to wrap the hair shaft, creating a protective barrier on all lengths, maintaining its hydration and carrying out a strong nourishing action without weighing them down (olive oil, on the other hand, although very nutritious, is not indicated as it weighs the shaft too much). Since these products are oil based, they can protect the hair from salt even during long baths in the sea because they are not eliminated immediately. They must be applied gently with the hands and in abundance, to ensure that even after a long swim the hair remains soft and hydrated. In addition to giving a pleasant wet aesthetic effect, the hair will be protected in this way throughout the day.

Another precaution: avoid tying your hair with too tight elastics especially during swimming in the sea. In fact removing them after the swimming is always very difficult because the hair tends to knot and tangle, with the risk of breaking every time.


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3- Feeding the hair after a long exposure to salt and sun

Once back home, it is important to continue a protective and nourishing action by using masks that can give the hair softness and shine, nourishing it deeply to remove frizz and therefore to avoid having brittle hair.

At least twice a week it would be advisable to make real wrapping treatment with natural substances with a nourishing and repairing action, to help close the scales of the shaft and to protect them from split ends. Products based on almond butter, shea butter, macadamia, honey and aloe vera, all easily available, perform this action very well and are able to give results in a short time.

In the case of slight sunburn or irritation to the scalp instead ( but not in case of acute inflammations), which can be caused by the sun, salt and salt, it is necessary to use real specific products, such as for example those based on copper peptides that have a soothing action, and in this case the Kmax Follicle Spray helps us. The anti-inflammatory action of the copper-peptides is in fact very useful to soothe redness and protect the skin, they have a strong repairing action and they are particularly suitable for counteracting not only irritations and redness of the scalp, but also itching and flaking. It should be gently massaged on the scalp after washing the hair, preferably in the evening and it is even more useful on a preventive level.

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Finally, it becomes even more important to use delicate hair cleanser able to remove salt and oils residues without attacking neither the hair shaft nor the scalp skin already stressed by the day spent in the sun. The Kmax Volumizing Shampoo has been specifically designed to obtain a delicate cleansing thanks to the gentlest washing substances on the market (without SLS / SLES) without altering the hydrolipidic film of the scalp. Its formula is also enriched with a pool of conditioning agents such as rice proteins and keratin to give volume and softness to the hair, and by moisturizing agents such as aloe vera and vitamin E to continue to nourish the hair even during the cleansing phase.


Let's learn to follow all these little tips and finally we will no longer have brittle hair in summer!


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