Dry shampoo: the best ally to have clean hair without washing it

Dry shampoo: the best ally to have clean hair without washing it

Dry shampoo is the quick solution to have clean hair without washing it, and it becomes a fundamental ally for those with greasy hair, giving new freshness and volume.


In the hair products market, dry shampoo has gained increasing popularity in recent years, thanks to innovative formulations that have facilitated its use and improved the "washing" effect.

The dry shampoo in fact allows to have a fresh and clean hair without having to resort to normal washing with water. In a few seconds and with just a simple spray erogation, it allows to remove the oily excesses at the hair roots, giving the effect of freshly washed hair.

It becomes an indispensable ally for all those who tend to have greasy hair since it allows to absorb the oily film that naturally forms with an excessive sebaceous production.


dry shampoo

The market offers different dry shampoos within a price range from 5 to 20 euros, depending on the type of absorbent agent used, and on whether or not other active ingredients with specific functions are present. 

The absorbent agent acts by neutralizing the oily component present on the hair roots, and the best products are those that exploit the properties of natural active ingredients such as starches and flours, which perform a gentle absorbing action.

Instead, attention should be paid to products with a high percentage of alcohol: alcohol in fact enhances the degreasing action, but in the long run, and if present in excessive doses, it can cause skin dryness and irritation.


The advantages of a dry shampoo are clear:

  • it allows to have fresh and clean hair even without washing it
  • it prepares hair for styling 
  • it becomes essential on special occasions, when a last minute commitment occurs and there’s no time for a shower, after a sports session, in  long trips, or simply to have always a perfect bangs, which tends to get dirty much faster than hair.
  • it lets the hair to rest between normal washes, spreading over time the use of detergents ( often too much aggressive) and the use of a hairdryer, which in the long run damage the hair structure causing split ends.


dry shampoo


Are there any downsides?

The dry shampoos are hypoallergenic products that do not create problems on the hair or on the skin, as long as they are used in the right quantities and frequency.

First of all, dry shampoo cannot completely replace the normal washing with water and a detergent product. In fact, it only allows to absorb the oily excesses, while the washing with water removes all the impurities that accumulate on the hair and scalp and any residues of styling products, and it allows to purify the pores letting breathing the skin. The massage with which it is performed also reactivates the microcirculation and keeps the scalp well oxygenated and active.

Furthermore, it is important to use the right amount of product: an excessive quantity in fact could bring too much dryness to the skin, and this could lead to the opposite effect, activating the work of the sebaceous glands and therefore a production of excess sebum triggering a vicious circle.

The best way to use it is to apply the dry shampoo in between one shampoo and another, as a touch-up, leaving a daily use only in case of particular situations, in this way the effects will only be positive.


The Kmax Root Spray

The Kmax Root Spray, our dry shampoo, is called Kmax Root Spray and it is included in our Volumizing line, thanks to its strong volumizing effect on the roots. With its extremely delicate formulation it is a product that can be used on all hair types

dry shampoo

Its absorbent action is given by the Tapioca starch, that gently absorb oily excesses, helps to give to the hair shine and softness, it reduces frizz at the roots and it is also useful in cases of high humidity which flattens the hair, allowing to keep it voluminous instead.

The Kmax root spray not only removes the oily film at the roots but it has moisturizing and soothing properties to take care of the entire hair shaft. Furthermore, thanks to its light and silky consistency, the hair remains soft and not weighted down, it acquires volume and immediately becomes ready for styling.

dry shampoo

How to apply it:

The product is very easy to apply and it allows to get fresh and clean hair in a few seconds. It is important to use the right amount of product and not use it in excess to prevent a white powder from remaining on the hair. To apply it, shake the product well and dispense it from a distance of 10/15 cm in the direction of the roots. Leave it for a minute, then brush the hair to evenly distribute the product. The hair will be fresh and silky ready for the preferred hairstyle!


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